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  I finished Magic Study, the second book in Study series at midnight. Though I'm a bit groggy today, it was well worth it. Magic Study is an excellent follow up to a solid first novel and steers clear from the notorious sophomore novel failure. I will try my best to write a spoiler free description and review. Here goes...

Description: You would think that after being tortured in prison, working and surviving your job as a food taster that Yelena's life would be easy. Oh no, not by far. Instead she travels to Sitia, where is she reunited by her lost family and learns about her growing powers. Sounds fun, right? Except Yelena's brother seems to want her dead, she has absolutely no recollection of her childhood whatsoever, and she is attending a magician school where hardly anyone likes her. There's also a tiny problem where a serial killer is on the loose.

Review: The second installment of the Study Series is just as action packed as the first book. Yelena travels to Sitia to reunite with her long lost family, people who are complete strangers to her. After two weeks, she is to go to the Keep, an institution that will teach her how to control her power. Unlike the first book where the reader is acquainted with activities in court, the second book concentrates on familial relationships, loyalties, and the the different cultures of the kingdom. For example, Ixia is a place where one's intellect and talent are highly valued. Sitia, however, one does not immediately go into action but rather spends time consulting and collaborating with others.
   When I read Poison Study, I was curious to learn about Yelena's childhood and her family. The reader as well Yelena get a chance to learn about her past and to fill that void. I enjoyed reading about her family and its various members, especially her brother Leif, who I was conflicted to like at first. My main pleasure of reading this book is seeing how Yelena's struggles between balancing the two different customs and forging her own identity. People expect her to be someone with great and potentially dangerous power, but she is not sure of herself. Yelena can be courageous and smart, but she is also very impulsive and at times insecure. She continuously doubts her abilities and whether or not she will be successful, which makes her an approachable and relate-able character. It was also fun to meet other favorite characters from Ixia again as well as meet new ones in Sitia, and vicariously learn how to ride a horse. An excellent book that balances action, romance, and fantasy. Looks like I'll be up all night tonight to read Fire Study, but I don't mind one bit. :)

Rating: 5 stars

Words of caution: There is a bit more violence in the second book, which takes place in the background. Rape and torture are also mentioned. There is also references and suggestions of sex, which is expected from the main lead pair, but nothing graphic. Highly recommended for teens and adults.

If you like this book, try: Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder and Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder
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  1. Thanks for your review of this series, Rummanah! I bought it for my library after reading your reviews and gave it to one of my avid readers, and she LOVED it. I promised her I'd thank you--Thanks!

  2. You're very welcome! I'm thrilled that she loved the series. I wouldn't be surprised if this series doesn't stay on your shelves. :)

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