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  I have a great stash of books from the library this week. I can't wait to dive in! I was very excited when I found out Vampire Knight Vol 13 was ready for me at the library. I read the last volume quite some time ago and completely forgot the latest volume would be available this month.

Description (from back of the book): Yuki is attacked by another pureblood outside a graveyard for meddling in the ways of the vampire society. Injured, she returns home to Kaname, who shares with her his past memories and the truth behind the Kuran family. 

Review: The thirteenth volume of Vampire Knight is dark, moody, and surprisingly philosophical. As this volume opens, Yuki and Aido are caught in a bind. While Yuki continues her mission, she is attacked by a pureblood vampire. In Hino's world a pureblood vampire does not have any human blood in them, they are extremely powerful and have the ability to turn humans into vampires. Zero, who is visiting a nearby cemetery senses that Yuki is trouble. Aido, who trusts Zero's common decency and his feelings about Yuki, allows Yuki to be taken to Hunter headquarters for aid in spite of his personal discomfort. The romantic tension between Zero and Yuki is palpable and leaps off the page as these characters silently make eye contact.
  Miserable and realizing that she's overreached herself, Yuki requests Kaname's help and is whisked back home. The volume finally picks up speed as Kaname opens his memories to Yuki. The revelations, much of what the reader already knows from small tidbits leading up to this volume, are finally clarified. I enjoyed learning more about Kaname, especially as to how he lived his life before he became a powerful vampire leader. We are also shown how and why the vampire hunters originated, which was very cool. For Yuki, all of these new revelations once again turns everything she thought she knew on it's head. I'm curious as to how her relationship with Kaname will change after finding out this new information.
 Unlike Yuki, Aido isn't very lucky in his escape. He is hold against his will by Zero. Aido is actually a decent guy who has a cocky exterior. He seems to respect Zero and actually warned him about the possible presence of Shizuka at Cross Academy instead of coveting the information. Aido clearly sees that Zero still cares for Yuki and even tries to get Zero to start a dialogue with Yuki again. What scares me is that Zero knows that Aido has done nothing wrong but he also knows that the society now has a young but relatively high ranking vampire in confinement who can be tortured for information. Will we see Zero finally crossing the line towards evil? Will he become the monster that he sees in Kaname? I'm worried about him and I really hope not.
  Though Yuki may be resetting her life and relationships once again, I'm more concerned with the dark turn the male characters have gone. I also wonder why Kaname has finally opened up to Yuki. From previous volumes, we know that he doesn't do something without a plan in place. What that plan will be is what I'm highly anticipating in discovering in the future volumes. 

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: There is some language and violence. Rated OT for older teens.

If you like this book try: Vampire Knight Vol 14 by Matsuri Hino, Blackbird series by Kanoko Sakurakoji, Black Butler by Yana Tobo
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  1. Just when I think I'm the world's biggest vampire fan, I get slaps in the face like this that remind me there are genres I haven't ventured into yet, like graphic novels.

    *le sigh* I'm liking the sound of the romantic tension between the characters. That's always great!

  2. OMG, Missie, you've got to pick this manga up! I think you would love it.

  3. I would never have thought manga would delve into the philosophical! So cool! I swear I need to try this. Do you think I could stomach this manga, even if I hate vampires?

    Great review, Rummanah :)

  4. I'm so glad you liked this. I should hopefully get it from the library in the next month or so. After a few shaky volumes, I'm glad Vampire Knight is picking up again.

  5. Melissa: Hrm..well, given your love of Vampire Diaries and the MI series, I think you would. I just love the characterization of the main cast of characters. Give it a shot. I think you can sample a couple of pages online to see if it's your cup of tea.

    Alison: I knew some readers were upset and felt this was a rehash of the past that we already knew, but I liked how she juxtaposed Zero and Kaname in this volume. It almost seems as if they flipped roles.

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