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  Welcome to Manga Monday! Manga Monday is a meme hosted by Alison over at Alison Can Read where bloggers can share their passion for reading mangas. It's a great place to get new manga titles to try and to meet new bloggers.This past weekend I was able to check up on the super popular Black Butler manga series.

Description (from the back of the book): Earl Ciel Phantomhive's quietude is interrupted as Queen Victoria's very own butlers commandeer Phantomhive Manor for a lavish banquet sanctioned by Her Majesty Preparations for such an event are quick work in the hands of Sebastian, the house's most able butler, but corralling the eminent guests may prove to be rather more of a challenge. For this dinner party is anything but festive, and as a stormy night batters the outside of the grand residence, a far more violent storm beings to unfurl within. And no one is safe from the havoc it will wreak-not even one seemingly impervious manserverant...

Review: There has been many story arcs in the Black Butler manga series, some serious, some silly, and some very creepy. With the disturbing and sinister circus arc behind us, Black Butler, Vol. 9 offers us a different and delightful surprise with a murder mystery with the likes of Clue. 
  On a dark and stormy night, Ciel is hosting a grand banquet at the Phantomhive manor. After the guests enjoy their food and drinks and are ready to retire for the evening, terror strikes as one of the guests is found murdered in his room. Within a few hours apart, two other shocking murdered victims are discovered. Trapped in the manor, every one is a suspect and the murderer is at large!
  I love when the mangaka weaves a real historical figure into the storyline. One of the notable guests is Arthur as in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes fame. Toboso does a nice touch in paying homage to the great detective. Arthur is depicted as a novelist who is just starting, therefore he gets flustered too quickly when all the clues don't exactly line up. Arthur definitely added humor and irony which makes this series shine for me. 

  Though there is a plot twist at the end of this volume, I didn't bite the bait. I'm just waiting to see if my theories are correct when I start the next volume. The depth of these stories partnered with the beautiful artwork is truly wonderful. I could actually visualize the loud thunder and bright lightening while reading this volume. Toboso has a great eye for details which shows in the artwork.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: There is some strong violence and some crude sexual humor. Recommended for older teens.

If you like this book try: Black Butler Vol. 10 by Yana Toboso, Pandora Hearts by Kazue Kato
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  1. I like when real historical figures show up in manga too. I'm interested in this, because I'm on a Sherlock Holmes kick after falling in love with the TV show Sherlock.

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