Rummanah Aasi
    I am an unabashed fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. When I first heard about the original movie and then the popular television series, I thought it was a refreshing concept. For once a girl is in charge and has the power instead of being one of the side-kicks or love interest. Buffy proved that a woman can be strong both in physical and in the emotional sense of the word. She has flaws, but with her close friends and Watcher by her side she is able to save the world a lot. I've never seen the show consecutively until this past year. Thanks to my good friend, Sam, I was able to watch the entire 7 seasons of the show. When the last episode ended, it was bittersweet for me, which I'm sure a lot of people did too. It was hard to let the characters go, but knowing Whedon's creativity I knew there was something up his sleeves. Imagine how happy and thrilled I was to find out that there is an 8th season of Buffy in graphic novels!

Description: The 8th season of Buffy starts off with a bang! The novel takes place right after the last episode of the TV series. Buffy and the gang are facing a new evil called Twilight.

Review: I loved the first volume of the graphic novel. All of the characters were excellently drawn and resemble very close to the actors who played them. This may sound weird, but as I was reading the graphic novel I could hear the actor's voice in my head-that's how good the drawings are. Whedon's dialogue is still fresh, funny, and poignant at the same time just like the TV show. The only negative thing that I will say about the graphic novel is that there is no information for people who are new to Buffy. So I would definitely recommend this to the Buffy fandom.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of caution: The graphic novel does contain some language, which is nothing more than what's allowed on TV. There are some senses of sensuality, but nothing of much concern. Since Buffy is a slayer, violence is involved.

If you like this book, try: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8, Volume 2: No Future for You
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  1. Twimom227 Says:

    I subscribe to the comic book, Buffy Season 8, so I get the Buffy goodness every month!! Joss also has a comic book of Angel!! It's equally as great!

  2. I didn't know you could subscribe to the comic. What's the link? I don't want to miss out on all the Buffy goodness!

  3. Twimom227 Says:

    You have to subscribe via a comic book seller. I use Things From Another World: www. You can start an account and set up a subscription to any comic. Then you can also tell them how often to send material. I get two comics and ask them to send once/month. So some months I'll get one book and others I'll get 3 or 4, depending on the release schedule. Let me know on FB if you have any questions.

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