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 I'm a big Maggie Stiefvater fan and I noticed she posted information about a live author chat that she and other great authors are participating in tonight at 8 PM EST. Maggie is participating in an author retreat at Branson, Missouri where a live chat with four or five authors from the retreat from 8:00 PM to 9 PM EST at Readers can ask them any questions you'd like (no guarantees they'll answer or give any spoilers away though) and they're all yours for an hour. Unfortunately, I missed out on the other previous chats from previous days and am kicking myself for not paying more attention. Gah, I hate when I missed out on these things due to my stupid cold!

So the authors that are participating tonight are:

Jackson Pearce who is the author of: Sisters Red and Sweetly (which I still have to read!

Maggie Stiefvater who is the author of the phenomenal Wolves of Mercy series (Shiver and Linger), which if you haven't read them you must do so now! Also read her books set in the faerie world, Lament and Ballad.

 Natalie Standiford who wrote Confession of the Sullivan Sisters and How to Say Goodbye in Robot (which was one of my favorite books pre-blogging from 2010). 

Jeri Smith-Ready who wrote Shade (which I will get to reading soon)and Wicked Game

Dawn Metcalf who is a 2011 debut author of Luminous. Isn't that such an awesome cover?!


I hope to attend this awesome live chat and return with some interesting tidbits. I hope you can make it too!
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  1. I didn't participate in this chat, but I was in the chat the night before. It was so cool of the authors to host this. Such fun for people who don't get to go to signings much.

  2. I completely agree, Alison. It was so cool too see how each writer has a different writing process and method as well as their advice to inspiring writers.

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