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  Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all enjoying the holidays with friends and family. Today I have Saving June's author Hannah Harrington post about what kind of books we’d find on Harper’s bookshelf, or what books she would love/resonate with. You can read my review of Saving June here. Take it away, Hannah!

  In the novel I reference Harper reading Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut—I imagine she’s a really big Vonnegut fan. She of course would have a weathered copy of To Kill A Mockingbird inherited by her mother, since she was named after Harper Lee.
Since Harper’s biggest passion is photography, she’d probably have books of collected photography, too, like the works of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ansel Adams, to look at for inspiration. At some point in the future Jake would give her a copy of Wall and Piece, the collection of Banksy’s street art, and she would be really amazed by his work and very briefly consider becoming a graffiti artist—or at least maybe seeing if Banksy would let her trail after him taking photos of his work, because it’s all too striking and beautiful to not be immortalized. 

 Thanks for allowing us to take a peek at Harper's Bookshelf, Hannah!

Harper Scott's life changes forever after her sister, June, commits suicide. Harper discovers that her sister always wanted to go to California and so to honor her sister's memory, Harper and her best friend embark on an impromptu road trip. Things take an interesting turn when a mysterious boy who seems to have known June better than anyone knew insists on joining Harper and her best friend on their trip.
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  1. Jenny Says:

    I'm looking forward to reading this one! I remember reading Slaughterhouse Five in high school, it's one of those that always stood out for me in the sea of required reading books:)

  2. Oh I'd love to peruse the photography books! Sound so interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh! Vonnegut is not easy reading....most of his books are more miss than hit for me. But I can see his appeal.

    I have a large collection of photography books. I studied it in college and loved it.

    Looking forward to reading SJ.

    I hope you had a lovely T-Day, Rummanah.

  4. Of course, being me - all I can think about is the name Harper. I'm a huge baby name fan and I now love the idea of the name Harper.
    Happy Tday!

  5. I could totally see Harper as a graffiti artist. I loved her passion for photography throughout the book. It's so amazing what can be seen in a photograph. That kind of sounds silly, but sometimes, the way the light and dark plays around an image really changes what you see in a picture. I absolutely love it! Plus, its rare that I stop and concentrate on super specifics around me. Pictures do that and suddenly I notice things I didn't before.

    By the way, Hannah, I loved Jake. Especially there at the end. I wanted to hear the song he made so bad, in his voice. Alas, it was only in my head and not on my speakers. LOL! Loved Saving June. LOVED IT!

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