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I'm joining my blogging friend, Alison from Alison Can Read, on her manga meme Manga Mondays where bloggers can discuss manga we've read. I'm very much a newbie when it comes to manga and I like experimenting with different genres and series. Since I get so many responses from readers who are interested in manga but don't know where to start, I will be making a few informational posts on this topic soon. Today I'll be reviewing the volumes 5 of Library Wars.

Description (from Goodreads): Iku is about to face her most difficult challenge--her parents are coming to visit the library where she works When she joined the Library Forces, she told her parents that she was just going to be a librarian. Now she has to come clean that she's on the ultra-dangerous Task Force. Can her parents ever accept that she's a library warrior?

Review: Volume 5 picks up immediately where volume 4 ends. Iku is still very stressed out because her parents are visiting her and she is desperately trying to cover her real position as a soldier with an ordinary, less dangerous library clerk job. Iku's parent's are on the last day of their visit and despite Iku's attempts they discover her real job. At first they are a bit concerned of having their daughter on the front lines, but Iku's colleagues ensure that Iku is very passionate about her job and tries her best. 
  To my surprise and very much delight the plot of this volume changes pace and concentrates on a side story about Instructor Komaki and a love interest. I really like Komaki as a character. He is laid back and cool headed unlike the Dojo who is a complete jerk. While a whole chapter is dedicated to him, I wanted to spend more time with him and wished he was the main character instead of a side one. Anyway, we learn about Tomaki's past and his developing relationship with a neighbor and friend's daughter. The relationship is very cute, sweet, and exactly what I thought was missing from this series until now. Tomaki treats his love interest with respect and though there is a big age difference between them (about 10 yrs or so) I didn't find anything 'sick' about it. This chapter was paced just right as we witness Tomaki being arrested due to idle untrue gossip, by the MBC (Media Betterment Committee) and held for several days while being tortured. The story mainly involves the team figuring out a way to rescue him. I must mention that Iku takes the initiative in rescuing Komaki. I must also mentioned that she is slapped another time by Dojo for disobeying him, which is totally uncalled for and made me chuck the volume across the room. Of course, Iku's plan worked and Dojo was proved wrong, unapologetic.
The "I love you/I hate you" see-saw of Iku and Dojo makes me squirm. I don't find it entertaining at all. There is suppose to be a funny, tender moment between the two towards the end of this volume where Iku has to get all dressed-up-hair, makeup, and all-for a party and is hit on by all the men. Dojo who rescues when an overly ardent admirer has her trapped against a wall. Too bad there is no one to rescue Iku from Dojo when he is being equally offensive. Another decent read with a great sideline departure with the focus on another character for a change.

Rating: 3.5 stars

Words of Caution: There is some language, crude humor, and some violence. Recommended for teens and up.

If you like this book try: Library Wars Volume 6 by Kiiro Yumi
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  1. Jenny Says:

    You've mentioned the Iku/Dojo relationship before and your issues with it, and every time I read more about them in your reviews, the more problematic they become for me and I haven't even read the manga! Glad this one gives you a break with a side story:)

  2. "He is laid back and cool headed unlike the Dojo who is a complete jerk."

    LOL! I don't know why, but that line made me snort out loud! Glad you were much more delight with the plot in this one. Good things happen when you don't give up on a series you enjoy. :)

  3. @Jenny: It just irks me that no else seems to have an issue with their relationship and thinks it's funny.

    @Missie: You should hear me groan ever time Dojo appears. LOL!

  4. This one seems a little better for the side story. I want to say I'm not into Manga, but I've never really read any, so I suppose I can't truly say that. Excellent review, Rummanah. You make me want to read this so I can meet the side characters!

  5. Sounds like the focus on the side character worked well. I could see that being too abrupt. I hate it when the love/hate see-saw goes overboard. I can imagine what you're describing.

  6. Hmm, don't think I like the slapping the girl part of this one, but the series sounds interesting. I'm venturing into the manga genre. Alison recommended the Sand Chronicles. What do you think?


  7. @Alison: If it wasn't for Komaki's story, I would have passed on this volume.

    @Heather: I've heard it's a great series. I've yet to read it, but I do plan too. I haven't really ventured out into the contemporary manga realm. Hope you like it!

  8. I was "resting my eyes" but could watch movies... I was so going for a manga. I was thinking new, but I can't resist Inuyasha! So, I guess I understand about sticking to a series. :) You keep getting me curious about reading manga. Perhaps this will be the one!

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