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 Manga Mondays is a meme hosted by Alison at Alison Can Read where bloggers can share their passion for reading mangas. It's a great place to get new manga titles to try and to meet new bloggers. Today I'll be reviewing the sixth volume of Nana.

Description (from back of the book): Nana Osaki's band Blast is taking off in a big way--from sold-out club dates to a record label waving a contract at them. But the Trapnest menace still lurks, stealing away everything she cares for. Trapnest took her boyfriend, and even though Ren is back in her life, his band still comes first. And now her trusty sidekick Nana K. is being lured away by Trapnest's bassist. But this time, Nana O. won't give up without a fight!

Review: What happens when two bands who share a past collide? Drama! Volume 6 of Nana solely focuses on relationships, those that are developing at a very fast pace and others that starting to show a bit of fraying. Nana O. is thrilled to have Ren back in her life, but his band comes first. She refuses to attend to his sessions in fear of her fierce competitiveness taking over. She is reluctant to get closer to Ren because she knows how devastated she will be when he goes away. She does sense a distance in Nana K. though as she starting acting weird in asking her of Trapnest's whereabouts.
    Nana K. is worried that she may be labeled as someone who is 'easy' after her own night stand. As much as she would like to keep her one night stand a secret, everyone finds out as Trapnest's bassist reveals the information nonchalantly and claiming that Nana K. was virtually begging him to sleep with her. None of the characters like the Trapnest's bassist playboy ways. They all feel that he is not good for her and is taking advantage of her being a big fan of the band. I'm also getting a sense that Nana K., herself, isn't sure of what is going on with her and the bassist, as they virtually have no communication between one another besides nightly visits. Nana K. is hoping she's not just someone to make a bed warm, because that's not what she wants. She wants to be in a loving relationship. She finds herself in a weird love triangle as Nosbu stands up for her and finally declares that he has feelings for her. He is now on a mission to prove that he is better than the playboy bassist. I really hope that Nosbu is the better person for her.
  Meanwhile Shin and the leader singer of Trapnest seem to have gotten together. At the moment, the relationship seems to be purely physical. I'm wondering how long this 'relationship' will last. We also find out that the same lead singer use to be in a serious relationship with Yasu from Blast until they went their own separate ways to pursue their careers.
 The promise of a big music label for Blast means that both Nanas are not spending much time together. Dark tones and serious rhetorical questions are asked by both which makes me think that these best friends may break apart. Good thing I have the next volume on hand to see what happens next!

Rating: 4 stars

Word of Caution: Strong sexuality, some language, and crude humor. Recommended for mature teens and adults.

If you like this book try: Nana Vol 7 by Ai Yazawa
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  1. I am always so amazed at the range of topics Manga covers. I had no idea. I truly need to get with it and read one. Your weekly posts have me so curious! I just need to dig out first!

  2. *sigh* I have read so many good reviews of manga... I'm gonna cave! I'm gonna do it! :)

  3. Jenny Says:

    There's definitely all sorts of drama in this volume! I feel for Nana K, I really want her to sort somethings out and finally find a way to be happy with who she is. I hope Nosbu ends up being the guy for her, I much prefer the sound of him than the playboy!

  4. One of the things that sometimes confuses me with manga is the use of the same names over and over. Like Ren. I've also seen Akira several times - for boys and girls. Plus Yuki. And more. I imagine if I was more familiar with Japanese, it might be easier not to get these names mixed up. But maybe not.

  5. I seriously need to catch up with my Nana volumes! I don't like the Nanas splitting up. I think they need each other and make a good pair. And I don't like the bassist of Trapnest already, I can tell.
    Nana K. needs to wise up!


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