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  Today I have the pleasure in introducing you to author H.L. Le Roy to the blog to reveal the cover of The Fountain of the Earth, which is the first book in his YA dystopian series of the same name as well as a chat with H.L. The Fountain of the Earth seems to be a promising series and it was published today by Tranquille Press!

Cover & Description

Terra Vonn is fighting to survive in a destroyed world,
surrounded by unspeakable horror . . .
and things are about to get much worse.

After witnessing the horrific murder of her mother, fifteen-year-old Terra Vonn has a singular focus—exacting revenge on the killers. But before she can complete her plan, savagery intervenes, and she is cast alone into a brutal post-apocalyptic world. As she trails the murderers south—through a land filled with cannibalistic criminals, slave traders, and lunatics—the hunter becomes the hunted. Terra quickly learns that she is not as tough or as brave as she thought she was. Worse, she may be the only one who stands between what little remains of civilization and destruction.

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Author Interview with H.L.

Can you describe your book in ten words or less?

Only Terra Vonn can save what little remains of civilization.
How would you persuade readers who are a bit burnout on the dystopian genre to pick up your book?
It was important to me that this book be plausible. Everything in it could happen. In fact, many scientists warn that a Carrington class, or worse, solar storm could destroy civilization as we know it. You'll find no mysterious virus causing zombies, or vampires, just a frightening glimpse of a possible future.

Why did you decide to write from a female's point of view rather an a male's?
As I laid out the plot, I quickly discovered that the voice for The Fountain of the Earth needed to be a female who was easy to relate to, as well as easy to root for.  Ursula K. Le Guin once said, “that men and women can and do speak both to and for one another, if they have bothered to learn how.” So I find no dichotomy in writing from a female's point of view.
How would you describe Terra Vonn? What sets her apart from other heroines we might have seen before?
She is just fifteen but has seen terrible things in her brief life. And although she's subjected to casual cruelty in the beginning of the book, she quickly finds her strength. She knows she is likely to die if she doesn't find a way to adapt and survive.
What can we look forward to seeing in the second book of this series?

I've written nearly a third of book two, tentatively titled The Heralds of Juno. In it, war is coming, and Terra and all she loves with be deeply affected.
About H.L. Le Roy

H. L. (Holly) LeRoy is an American short story writer and novelist, author of the award winning Street Crimes anthology and the novel The Fountain of the Earth (Nov. 22, 2013), first in a series of young adult adventures. Born in San Jose, California, LeRoy currently resides in Pioneer, California with his family.

Learn more about H.L.: Blog, Twitter

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  1. I too am a bit burned out on dystopias, but since plausibility is a huge issue for me and the author paid much attention to it, I think this one would be different for me. I hope so, at least.
    I love the cover too, her eyes are gorgeous, and she looks so fierce.

  2. Books that have disasters that are entirely plausible are so chilling to me. This sounds like a thrilling read. Thanks for sharing and happy Friday!

  3. I really like the premise for this. Terra Von sounds like she could be the sort of tough character that I'd connect with easily. And I'm glad to see that the author paid attention to the plausibility of ideas here. Great interview! :)

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