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  Manga Mondays is a meme hosted by Alison at Alison Can Read where bloggers can share their passion for reading mangas. It's a great place to get new manga titles to try and to meet new bloggers. I love the Teen of Japan pageant plot arc in the Boys Over Flowers series. Let's hope the other volumes of the manga can just as entertaining!

Description: Tsukushi shocks everyone by making it all the way to the final competition in the Miss Teen Japanese Contest. Her striking individuality and dumb luck have gotten her a long way indeed! Now the field is narrowed down to Tsukushi and Ayano, the competition favorite. The final event will determine the girl most likely to become a "good wife and wise mother". Who is fit to judge such a contest?  Why, twenty-one kindergartners, of course! Unfortunately for Tsukushi, the innocent little darlings remind her of the F4!

Review: Volume 12 ends the plot arc of the Miss Teen Japanese Contest and I'm sad that it's over. To everyone's shock, Tsukushi manages to make it all the way to the final round of the contest. Her only challenger and the competition favorite is Ayano, the fiance of Amakusa. Tsukushi takes a liking to Ayano and admires her competitiveness and her dedication to Amakusa.
  The volume begins in a moment of panic and hilarity. Tsukushi has to entertain 21 kindergartners for 15 minutes. The kids are spoiled brats and they remind her of the F4. Since the kids remind her of the F4, she tries to win them over by challenging them to play simple games like Horse. Tsukushi even has Ayano join her until the competition ends and a winner is announced. Tsukushi is happy with the result and declines Amakusa's offer to be his girlfriend. Meanwhile Tsukasa tells Tsukushi he loves her during a firework celebration and of course Tsukushi couldn't hear anything!
  Tsukasa asks Tsukushi out on a date but the date is crashed by one of the kindergartner who looks strikingly similar to Tsukasa both in facial features and in temperament. So instead of Tsukushi and Tsukasa being alone, all three go on a date to the zoo. Once again we are shown the sweet, quiet moments of Tsukasa along with with his bad temper and stubbornness. The date ends in a disaster with a huge arguement between Tsukasa and Tsukushi, but have no fear, the reminder of the F4 have a plan to bring these two together but it's not going to be easy!

Rating: 4.5 stars

Words of Caution: There is some mild language and crude humor. Recommended for teens and up.

If you like this book try: Boys Over Flowers Vol. 12 by Yoko Kamio, Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances by Masami Tsuda, Mars by Fuyumi Soryo
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  1. Oh this looks like a cute manga. I even think I know the perfect person for this story. :)

  2. Wow, having a competition judged by kindergartners is kind of a cool idea. It sounds like it's probably pretty silly but definitely wins for uniqueness.

  3. I think I'd love this series. I have so enjoyed reading your reviews of this series. I hope it's easy to find. I love Manga Monday even if I don't always comment. Thanks Rummanah!

  4. I'm glad you had fun with this! I think a date to the zoo sound quite sweet, even with a kindergartner tagging along. :) I hope you enjoy the next volume.

  5. Jenny Says:

    Having to entertain 21 kindergartners for 15 minutes would definitely be terrifying and intimidating Rummanah! I could handle a couple for sure, but 21 might just overwhelm me. It's not good to be so outnumbered ;-) Glad to see this one got such a high rating from you and I do so hope the two T's get together in the end:)

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