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  Manga Mondays is a meme hosted by Alison at Alison Can Read where bloggers can share their passion for reading mangas. It's a great place to get new manga titles to try and to meet new bloggers. Boys Over Flowers is not overly romantic than the other shojo mangas that I've read. Though there is chemistry between Tsukushi and Tsukasa, there are plenty of moments and instances that suggest they are not right for one another. Perhaps this will change as the series comes to its climax?

Description: Tsukasa's raucous behavior at Tsukushi's junior high school class reunion has her fed up with him once again. Tsukasa is crushed by this but is too stubborn to apologize. Later, Tsukushi is assaulted by two school girls and then rescued by a "young nerdy boy" who returns out to be Junpei, a famous male model who has been dying to meet Tsukushi! Her dumb luck then gets her involved in a photo shoot with him, and she ends up on the cover of a famous magazine. This causes quite a scene at school, but not nearly as big a scene as when Tsukasa finds the two of them together!

Review: Boys Over Flowers manga series can get a bit repetitive in terms of plot, but it still manages to pique my interest with how the characters deal with a particular situation. This volume begins with a dramatic start. Tsukushi is enjoying a reunion dinner with her junior high friends at a local restaurant. Tsuksasa and the rest of the F4 appear and begin making fun of the group. Tsukasa sneers at their lower social status and even begins a fight! Tsukushi is humiliated and furious so much so that she smacks Tsukasa for his unruly behavior in front of everyone and tells him she never wants to seem him again. Everyone in the manga gasped and I did too! I never thought Tsukushi would have that much guts in her.
  News of the argument between Tsukasa and Tsukushi spread like wildfire at school. Tsukushi is mistreated by Tsukasa's groupies and later saved by an unnamed, mysterious boy named Junpei.There is something sinister about Junpei in that he is super sweet. Tsukushi actually finds out that he is the brother of one of her junior high friends and is a very famous model who disguises himself like Clark Kent.  Meanwhile Tsukasa is no where to be seen. The F3 look for him and tell him that he was in the wrong and should apologize to Tsukushi. The proud Tsukasa has never apologized in his entire life and doesn't know how! Once Tsukasa gets the courage to apologize to Tsukushi, he finds out that she is spending time with Junpei who he has known in the past! Who is Junpei really? What is his connection to Tsukasa? We'll find out in the next volume!

Rating: 3.5 stars

Words of Caution: There is some minor language and violence. Recommended for teens and up.

If you like this book try: Boys Over Flowers Vol 15 by Yoko Kamio, Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances by Masami Tsuda, Mars by Fuyumi Soryo
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  1. Interesting that readers wouldn't think Tsukushi has enough guts to tell off Tsukasa. After the first volume, I would assume she is the person that has enough guts. Less so after the 3rd and 4th volumes. I'm curious how she continues to change.

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