Rummanah Aasi
  There are many great graphic novels for younger children. Cammuso's Knights of the Lunch Table series has been highly recommended by readers and I thought to give the series a shot. I really enjoyed the first book in the series.

Description: Artie King's hopes for easing into life at Camelot Middle School are dashed when he opens mysterious locker filled with useful, wonderful items and is pulled into a do-or-die dodgeball game that pits Artie and his friends against the school's toughest kids.

Review: Cammuso's Knights of the Lunch Table is a fun graphic novel series that I think many young readers would enjoy. Artie King’s first day at his new middle school is terrible: his nasty older sister ensures he misses the bus; a couple of geeky kids are friendly and become his new friends, but the school bullies smell a new victim. Not to mention that the principal is evil and is just looking for ways to hand out detentions and dire warnings left and right behind her horn-rimmed glasses.
 The action and humor starts rolling when Artie boasts that he’s a dodgeball pro and can beat the "Horde" the school's nastiest bullies and undefeated dodgeball team—except Artie stinks at dodgeball.
  Kids familiar with King Arthur legends will like finding all the clues nicely sprinkled in the graphic novel such as the mysterious locker, a helpful stranger named Merlyn (who turns out to be Artie’s science teacher and guidance counselor). Kids unfamiliar with the Arthurian legend will also enjoy the classic tale of the underdog achieving the impossible. Cammuso’s text is witty and his illustrated panels are energetic and attention grabbing. I also appreciated that that his cast of characters are multi-ethnic. I will definitely be reading more of this series.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: None. Recommended for Grades 2-4.

If you like this book try: Big Nate series by Lincoln Peirce, the Amelia Rules series by Jimmy Gownley
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  1. Jenny Says:

    This sounds so cute Rummanah! I like that bits of the Arthurian legend are mixed in, I've always been fascinated by that story. Also, I remember playing dodgeball in school and it was always something that made me wish I was better at faking an illness so I had an excuse not to play, so I'm definitely rooting for Artie!

  2. Sounds like a fun book for younger readers, and I like the idea of the underdog taking on the bullies and using King Arthur references.

  3. Oh love a good multi-ethnic kid book. So recommending this one.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This sounds like such a cute story! I love the incorporation of King Arthur legends, but it's nice to hear even kids who aren't familiar with them can root for the underdog. Lovely review!

  5. Unknown Says:

    This book sounds terrific. I think it would be right up my son's alley. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful review. This would make a great gift. The Best Underrated Books

  6. This sounds like a fun read even if you're unfamiliar with the legend of King Arthur. I really like that this one features multi-ethnic characters because most novels don't.

  7. Oh, I will definitely keep this one in mind. I love the fact that it uses King Arthur characters in an updated version. Clever!

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