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  The beloved Buff the Vampire Slayer continues Season 8 in graphic novel format. I highly recommend fans of the show pick up this graphic novels to once again connect with their favorite characters.

Description: When a rogue debutant Slayer begins to use her power for evil, Giles is forced to recruit the rebellious Faith, who isn’t exactly known for her good deeds. Giles offers Faith a clean slate if she can stop this snooty Slayer from wreaking total havoc--that is, if Buffy doesn’t beat her to it.

Review: The star of No Future For You is Faith, one of the most multi-layered characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe. Buffy and Faith are both vampire slayers, however,  they are extremely different in personality and backgrounds. In many ways Faith is the antithesis of Buffy, a loner by circumstance and by choice. Abandoned by her guardians, Faith was forced to grow up on the streets. Unlike Buffy who has had consistent adults in her life for love and support, Faith has no one and is constantly yearning for affection. There are many times where Faith has been duped by villains who use her vulnerabilities against her to do their dirty work. Unlike Buffy, Faith's moral compass is all over the place and she is susceptible to being intoxicated by power and letting go of her dark side. Though the end of the television series sees Faith returning to the side of the good guys, she is always plagued by her inner demons and is constantly fighting against the dark aspects of her personality. There is a division between Faith and the friends of Buffy endearingly called the Scooby gang. Faith's isolation continues in No Future for You as she is recruited by Giles to do the unthinkable--to kill another Slayer. 
  My favorite thing about No Future For You is the continued exploration of Faith's character. Her voice from the show full of snark, dark humor, and vulnerability is perfectly captured. Vaughan really captures Faith's inner struggle to do good in a world that doesn't really accept her. In this graphic novel she has to again prove to herself that she can fight her temptation to succumb to evil by disposing a rogue slayer named Gigi who is in a lot of ways Faith's mirror. Faith is torn between killing Gigi and befriending, setting her straight. 
  In addition to large Faith plot line, other important secondary characters such as Xander, Willow, and Dawn are also included in the graphic novel and are dealing with their issues. Willow is afraid to pursue her relationship with another person given her fear of losing someone else closer to her while Dawn is trying to break a spell that is bestowed upon her. Buffy, interestingly feels left outside, not being clued in to Gile's pursuit of Faith and their dealings with Gigi. 
 The illustrations in this graphic novel are a hit or miss. Sometimes the characters look just like the actors of the show and other times it completely misses the mark. Still I really enjoyed following the characters and plan on continuing this series.  

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: There is some language and strong violence as well as suggested nudity in this volume. Recommended for teens and adults.

If you like this book try: Fray by Joss Whedon, Buff the Vampire Slayer: Wolves at the Gate (Season 8, Vol. 3)
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  1. Kindlemom Says:

    Believe it or not just this summer I started watching Buffy. For some reason I never watched it way back when but I do like it, even if it is a bit cheesy at times. This season (I think I'm on season three now) Faith was just introduced and I still can't decide if I like her or not. At times she is good and like you said, others her moral compass is all over the place.

    Glad this was a good read for you. I love that they do these for fans of the show.

  2. I didn't remember Faith all that well before reading your review but now it's all coming back to me. I loved Buffy so much back when I was a teen. I should probably rewatch just to remind myself and then read the graphic novels.

  3. I have never sat down and watched Buffy. It was on while I was in college and I was so busy , I never had time for it. One of these days, I need to see what all the fuss is about.

  4. I've always loved the Faith character! I so need to pick this one up. I miss that show!

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