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Description: Searching for their literary hero, new parents Marko and Alana travel to a cosmic lighthouse on the planet Quietus, while the couple's multiple pursuers finally close in on their targets.

Review: The third volume of Saga has less action than the previous volumes, however, there is more emphasis on the several relationships of various characters. 
Marko and Alana remain the central couple of this volume and we watch them meet D. Oswald Heist, the romance writer who wrote the book that inspired them to move beyond their individual prejudices and be a couple. I felt that the secondary characters, however, stole the show. I loved the fact that this volume focuses even more on The Will’s growing relationship with Gwendolyn and towards Sophie, the little girl whom they saved. The Will is less robotic and this volume highlighted his humanity as he struggles with his conflicting emotions of mourning his lost love and his growing attraction to Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn also proves to be a stronger character and much more than Marko's scorned ex-fiance. 
 Vaughan also introduces a same-sex male reporters who are investigating Alana's past. I liked finding out more information of Alana, however, I wished the reporters had more depth but I'm guessing they will be developed in the next volume of this series. Staples' artwork is stunning and captures the expressions and body language of the characters so well. I do hope Volume 4 picks up the action again and I'm curious to see where Vaughan takes his space opera next.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: This volume contains strong language, bloody violence, nudity, and some images of sexual situations. Recommended for adults only.

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  1. Kindlemom Says:

    I love when secondary characters are just as fabulous or if not better, than the main. Great review and glad this was still a good read even if it had less action than the other volumes.

  2. Hmm... not sure this one is for me. Glad you liked it. I hope the next one is stronger.

  3. This sounds so good. I really need to suggest more of these to my little cousins. I think they would get more out of these than I would.

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