Rummanah Aasi

    I started my blog in late March 2010 as a personal and creative project to share my love of reading and recommending books to people. At the time I worked as a library assistant and was about to begin my journey into library school. Due to my library assistant description, I didn’t have the ability to fully use my reading advisory skills so I pivoted to building and maintaining a blog. At first it was a hobby that helped me as a fledgling librarian in keeping track of books that I read and enjoyed. When I became and worked as a school librarian, the blog morphed into a resource for fellow educators and readers too with a heavy emphasis on YA titles. 

Now as a reader advisory librarian at a public library, it is my job to interact with library patrons and offer reading suggestions. I work on curating personalized reading recommendation lists for patrons, I make reading lists on a certain theme,  I also run a monthly book discussion and an Instagram program for the library. I have used what I learned from blogging and use those skills in a different way. Now my personal blog has once again gone through a different metamorphosis, but this time it is an extension of work and my energy tank is depleting. I always approach any project with the intention of doing it right and wholeheartedly, but when I find myself wavering it is a sign that I must re-evaluate. 

Blogging is very hard. It takes time to create a schedule and consistently provide content. With the rise of BookTok, Bookstagram, ang Booktube, blogging is even harder in generating and maintaining a following. Blogging can also be rewarding and that’s where you all come in. I want to thank you for staying by my side for 10+ years. Thank you for reading, commenting, or even lurking on my blog. Thank you for pushing me to read outside of my comfort zone or even asking, “can you start posting about x books?” Thank you to my fellow bloggers and friends who kept tabs on me when I went radio silent and asked if I was okay. I am okay. I just feel overwhelmed and burnt out at times.

While I will no longer be posting on this blog, you can find me on Goodreads where you can find my thoughts on books or see what I am currently reading.I plan on making sure that I transfer my blog reviews to my goodreads page since a lot of them were written before I made the switch from using Shelfari to Goodreads. I wish you all well and thank you again for making 10+ years a joy. 


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