Rummanah Aasi
  As a reader I have a hard time reading nonfiction books, especially when I grew up with the notion that all nonfiction books are equivalent to my textbooks. While that may be true for many books, there are some that capture your attention and are in fact entertaining to read. One example is Nic Bishop's Frogs by Nic Bishop.

Description: The author describes the characteristics and behaviors of a variety of frogs around the world.

Review: Nic Bishop's Frogs is a great nonfiction book that covers everything about frogs for children. The photographs are amazing and clearly illustrate the written descriptions of the frogs depicted in the book. The information is simply written and is not over simplified for the reader. Along with a index of all the frogs discussed in the book is a glossary of words that may not be familiar for children. A must have for library collections for Grades 2 to 4.

Rating: 4.5 stars

Words of Caution: None

Curriculum Connection: Science

If you like this book, try: Nic Bishop's Spiders by Nic Bishop
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