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  Most of the books or graphic novels that are about faeries usually tend to stick to two reoccurring plot lines: a human discovers that he/she has some connection to the Faerie world and/or the rulers of the Faerie world find some way to come into the mortal world and cause chaos in the hopes of ruling it. I've read a graphic novel about faeries that avoids these two 'been there, done that' plot lines by weaving faerie folklore with a different type of faerie that is searching for freedom, identity, and diversity. The graphic novel is called Vogelein: Clockwork Faerie by Jane Irwin.

Description: Vogelein is not your typical faerie. She is a tiny clockwork faerie that was created by a watchmaker in Germany. When Jakob, her current Guardian of fifty years dies, she is on a desperate quest to find a new Guardian that she can trust. Vogelein must be wound ever so many hours, if she does not, she slowly dies and loses her memories. With only five hours before she winds down forever, will Vogelein find her new Guardian?

Review: Reading Vogelein was a brand new entry of world that I've visited many times before. Vogelein is a created invention, a symbol of what her creator lost when his wife died. Though she is immortal, she needs to be wind up every 36 hours otherwise her body and mind slowly deteriorate. After her Guardian dies, she must find someone new to take care of her. During her journey, she meets a sheltered college student, a wise street cleaner, and a bitter fairy named Midhir, who seeks to destroy mankind and has been transformed by the industrial world of Man. It is through these relationships and her prized memories, Vogelein discovers her own humanity in a today's world where we tend to ignore the plausibility of magic.The black and white illustrations are excellent and eye-catching. The pacing and narrative are both great. This is a perfect choice for middle readers who would like to read about faeries without worrying about reading anything too dark or scary for them to handle.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: There is mild language in the book. Recommended for Grades 5 and up.

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