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 Have you ever read a manga before? Do you know what manga is? Manga is the Japanese word for whimsical or humorous comics. Outside of Japan, the term is usually interpreted as comics or graphic novels that were originally published in Japan. It is either read in serialized form in monthly magazines or in volumes. Like many other books and graphic novels, manga comes in a variety of genres and merge illustrations with text. The illustrations are mostly black and white, although there are very few in color. Manga is read differently than your usual graphic novel. For one thing, it is read right to left, which means you start at the back of the book.
  I started reading manga in 2008. My first manga series was the phenomenal, psychological thriller Death Note series by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. I enjoyed the experience so much that I started searching for other series to read. I asked friends who were more knowledgeable about this genre for their recommendations and the ALA's list of great graphic novels for teens. I came across a series and description that caught my eye. The series is called Emma and it is written and illustrated by Karou Mori. I started this series in 2009 and hoped it finish it this year since the series has been completed. I recently finished the 7th volume of Emma, which wraps up the series quite nicely.

Description: Emma is a historical fiction romance manga. The story is set in 19th century Victorian England, where a maid named Emma falls in love with William, a member of the aristocracy. Due to society's social unwritten rules and William's family disapproval, Emma and William are forced to keep their love a secret. The couple goes through many trials in their relationships. William is threated by being disowned by his family, leaving him poor and without nobility. Whereas Emma's life is physically threatned. In volume 7, Emma and William's fate is to be decided. Will they finally have a happy ending?

Review: I really enjoyed reading this series. The black and white illustrations are goregeous and the text is very easy to read and follow. Along with an interesting plot that has lots of twists and turns as well as a great cast of characters. Although the 7th volume of the series is quite melodramatic than the other volumes and contains many plotlines going all at once, I still found it enjoyable. The ending was a bit rushed, but a satisfying one. Even though Emma and William's story ends in the 7th volume, volumes 8 to 10 depict short stories on many of the secondary characters. I plan on reading those volumes. Give manga a shot and maybe start with Emma.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: There is some language in this volume. There is also a few pages of female, frontal nudity when some of the characters are taking a bath. Recommended to older teens and adults.

If you like this book try: Shirley by Karou Mori
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    More precisely, William came from gentry class (not aristocracy), so he didn't hold any title and this issue was explored more in further volume

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