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Kiss Me, I'm Irish is a read-along of HOUNDED by Kevin Hearne, and hosted by Felicia of Geeky Blogger's Book Blog, Amanda of On a Book Bender, Ash of Smash Attack Reads!, Jen of In the Closet with a Bibliophile and Missie the Unread Reader. Today we are discussing Chapters 1-5.

1.  Kevin Hearne had the most perfect beginning for this book:  "There are many perks to living for twenty-one centuries, and foremost among them is bearing witness to the rare birth of genius."  If you were to live for centuries what do you think you would be excited to see?  

I think I would be excited to see all the technological advancements in the future. I curious to see what the "it" technology we would have years from now. I'm still waiting for a remote control to pause time or a cyborg/robot ala Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons to be created so I don't have to do the dreaded house chores. Wouldn't that be nice?

2. In the 2nd chapter we learn about the amulet and its protection powers!  Do you think having met the Morrigan and heard about Aenghus Og that it will be enough to protect Atticus?  I mean the Morrigan has a point about hot chicks coming after him and his defenses might be down! He is very male! 

Although Morrigan really freaks me out, it is smart of Atticus to have have a god on his side. I'm curious to see how their relationship progresses as the series continues. Though he is male, he doesn't strike me as someone who will lower his defenses when being seduced or tempted. Surviving two millenniums seem to be evident of that.  

3. The literary world's coolest dog is introduced in this chapter!  Did you love Oberon immediately?  Show me a picture or describe the type of animal you would love to have as a talking companion! (Cat, Dog, Mouse, Sloth, Horse---what is your pick--pictures please)?

I'm guessing were-creatures don't count? *Pouts* Well, I always thought Jack the monkey in the Pirates movies was cute. As long as he's not under the curse. 


4. In this chapter Flidais asked Atticus what his name is and then precedes to ask if anyone actually believes he is Greek?  He says nobody pays attention to names here.  Do you know what your name means and where it comes from?  Or do you have a name you wish had?  Let's talk names!

My first name is derived from the Arabic word rumman, which means pomegranate. I loved pomegranates long before finding out that's what my name means. Weird, huh?

 5.  We learn about Atticus' lawyers in this chapter, a rather unique combo!  Without jumping ahead, would you hire a lawyer combination of two supernaturals who on the surface would appear to be natural enemies or at the very least two very Alpha attitudes? What would be the positives and negatives of that decision.

 Absolutely! The lawyers would know everything about keeping my secret under control, especially with themselves being supernatural. While they both may have alpha attitudes, they would work different shifts- one during the day and the other during the night. It would also be nice to have some what you would call 'normal' friends where you can put your facade on hold once in a while. 
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  1. Jenny Says:

    Ooooo the technological advancements would definitely be something I'd want to see! I just look at how far we've come in 10 years, I can't imagine what will be created and become the norm in the next 10:) And I most definitely want to know what Jack the monkey has to say!

  2. OMG, what if we had that machine from the Jetsons, the one where you push the button and any food you want pops out. How awesome would that be!! Well, as long as it doesn't taste like icky machine, LOL! And I'm with you on the house chores. I will be the first purchaser of my own Rosie, I tell ya that much.

    And, you'd think Atticus would have more strength against women, but I swear they are his Achilles heel. That man is hormonally challenged. :)

    I love Jack! (both the monkey and the man) He'd be a super fun pet to talk to. Plus, he's crafty and you gotta love that in a talking pet. I love your name, it's beautiful. Both of my daughters names are derived from Arabic as well.

  3. Prangon Says:

    Were creature should count you know. Then I can have a conversation with Alcide (from True Blood) when he is a wolf ;)
    I love your name, one of my friend is named Rumman I don't think he knows what his name means lol.

  4. Oh yeah sign me up for a robotic housekeeper/ cook! Imagine having someone cook gourmet meals for you, in fact I would take the cook over the housekeeper if I had to choose. Pomegranate, that is interesting. Is Rummanah a popular name? Just curious, it sounds so unique. A monkey would be good, they could fetch stuff for you.

  5. I would also like to be on the list for a robot that does all the chores. That would be nice.

  6. Jack the monkey would be perfect as he is super cunning!

    I would love a housekeeper---seriously it would be sooooooooo nice :)

  7. Ah... to never have to dust again. That is a dream. *sigh*

    Oh and I would love to have Jack the monkey talk. Although with his antics, he really doesn't need many words. :)

    Oh and I think your name is so pretty. Plus there are all those mythological meanings around pomegranate.

  8. Candace Says:

    Oh yeah, the lawyers would be better at keeping secrets since they're supernatural! I hadn't even thought of that.
    A talking monkey... yeah, that would actually be quite interesting!

  9. And I love pomegranate juice, though it's kind of expensive! LOL

    I agree with you about Atticus. He's too smart to ever really have his defenses down.

  10. Lynn Says:

    Oh, a werewolf, didn't think of that! Alcide is definitely a good choice. Just recently been reading about robots - I suppose it would be rather nice to have some help so long as they don't go all skynet or irobot on us!
    Lynn :D

  11. I think Jack the monkey is hilarious!

    Funny, you looked towards the future while I looked in the past! Cyborg Maid and Cook? I'm there! Wouldn't that be awesome :o]

  12. Cambria Says:

    were creatures....put me down for some of that for sure!!!! A monkey would be interesting to talk to though, i bet they would talk non stop!

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