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 As part of the Teen Book Scene promotional tour for Katherine Grace Bond's The Summer of No Regrets, I have a few characters from the book stop by to chat on the blog today! Please welcome Brigitta, Luke, Mallory, Webster, and Natalie.

What is one thing people don't know about you?

Brigitta: When I was little I used to think I was a changeling. 

Luke: When I can’t sleep, I sometimes sketch, but I’m really terrible, so I hide them.

What is your ideal summer? 

Mallory: Working in a teen center, helping troubled kids. 

Webster: Sharing my expertise with a promising undergraduate in an off-campus setting. 

What do you think will happen once summer is over?

Natalie: I’ve signed up for an acting class at Studio East; there’s a guy there who looks EXACTLY like Logan Lerman. 

What is one memory of your summer that you will always remember?

Luke: The Grays Harbor Lighthouse. 

What would you like to forget?

Luke: Recycle bins.

How has the summer changed you?

Brigitta: I say what I think now—even if it may make someone mad. But I also think about what I’m saying. 

 Thanks to all of you for stopping by! Now I'm curious as to what happened at the lighthouse and why the recycling bin is an issue. Looking forward to "meeting" you soon when I read the book!

   The day Brigitta accidentally flings herself into the lap of a guy she's never met, her friend Natalie is convinced he's Trent Yves, egotistical heartthrob-in-hiding. When the boy, who calls himself Luke, is nearly eaten by a cougar, Brigitta finds herself saving his life, being swept into his spectacular embrace and wondering if she wants Natalie's fantasy to be true.
  As the two spend the summer together raising orphaned cougar cubs, Brigitta still can't be sure of his true identity. But then again, since her grandparents' death, her father's sudden urge to give away all their possessions and become a shaman, and her own awkward transition from girlhood into a young woman, she isn't sure of anything. What is the truth? More importantly, can she accept it?

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  1. Wow! If Brigitta was able to save Luke from a cougar, she must have at least a little bit of changeling in her.

    And I wonder what Luke has against Recycle bins? LOL

    Thanks for the fun interview.

  2. This sounds so cute. I bet his sketches are pretty good!

  3. I'm curious to find out what's up with the recycling bins too. I've got this in my TBR pile so I'll know eventually :)

  4. I heart Luke! This was such a cute book. I really enjoyed it. I'm not scheduled to post a review on the tour but I'll put my review up soon anyway.

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