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Description: Tsukushi's friend Yuki has been trying to convince herself that her crush on F4 member Sojiro is over. She has continued studying the formal tea ceremony that he introduced her to. When she invites Sojiro to help teach her tea club at school, a stunning series of events begin to unfold!

Review: There are two story lines unfolding in this volume of Boys Over Flowers. In the first story line, Tsukasa has regained his memory of Tsukushi back. The couple has realized how much they have personally changed as well as how their relationship has evolved from the antagonistic relationship to the confusing affection towards one another and being happy as a couple. Though it is clear that letting Tsukasa get amnesia was the author's way of keeping this couple interesting, I did think it was a fun way to see how these characters reacted to their situation and thankfully it didn't get drawn out too much in later volumes.
  The second story line featuring Yuki is the one that I loved the most and I was really looking forward to see how this story line concludes. Sojiro is repeatedly shown as a playboy, a reputation that he is not ashamed of but we do get to see a personal, private side to him. Sojiro has only one regret that haunts him: the failure to start a real relationship with his best friend. Once he shares this truth and vulnerability to Yuki, Yuki relentlessly tries to reunite Sojiro with his long lost friend even though it breaks her heart. Things take an interesting turn and while I wasn't initially happy with how it gets resolved, taking a step back I do realize that the direction of the plot resolution stayed true to the characters' personality and made them even more complex. As this volume concludes, the F4 are ready to graduate from high school and now must embark on a journey of college and beyond. Where does that leave Tsukasa and Tsukushi?

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: There are some allusions to sex but it is not explicit. Recommended for teens and up.

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