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 Manga Mondays is a meme hosted by Alison at Alison Can Read where bloggers can share their passion for reading mangas. It's a great place to get new manga titles to try and to meet new bloggers. We have finally reached the last volume of Boys Over Flowers. Though I had mixed feelings while reading this series, I ultimately enjoyed it.

Description: The final volume of Boys over Flowers has Tsukushi facing a very uncertain future. Forces seem to conspire against her as she races to make it in time for her high school prom. Characters from her past make cameos as she reflects on her tumultuous time at Eitoku Academy. Will she decide to join Tsukasa in New York or will she stay in Japan and finish school?!

Review: I was a bit surprised on how the author ended this manga series. Though a wedding is normally how a romance story ends like Boys Over Flowers end, we are given a more realistic solution which stays true to the characters. I thought the ending was nice as it ended on a positive note, leaving hope for the future. I really enjoyed watching the character growth of Tsukasa especially since he was the character that had me worried from the start. He has morphed from a hot head bully to someone with more patience and self awareness. I would recommend picking up Boys over Flowers because of its characters and the story much more than its artwork.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: There is some mild language and crude humor. Recommended for teens and up.

If you like this book try: Boys Over Flowers: Jewelry Box, Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances by Masami Tsuda, Mars by Fuyumi Soryo
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  1. Oh I like that it was more realistic. Sometimes you want more than just a wedding. :)

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