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 I wanted to write a book review, but in light of the tragic loss our nation suffered a couple of days ago a book review just seems trivial. Like thousands who stand in long lines to donate blood and/or financially donate to the, I, too, wanted to show my solidarity, love, respect, and honor for Orlando.
  Thanks to my library professor, Carol, I found a live, collaborating reading list called the #PulseOrlandoSyllabus that is being compiled by librarians, teachers, and others who are contributing their book recommendations to help those in need of comfort, support, and looking for further information about the GLBTQ community. Many thanks to Lydia Willoughby for starting this project!
  I added my favorite titles to the children, middle grade, and young adult sections. Please contribute your favorite GLBTQ resources to this list. If you are a teacher or a librarian who is looking to start your own GLBTQ collection for your school and/or library, this is a great place to start.

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  1. This is such a fantastic idea. I am still so heartbroken and devastated by what happened. I allowed my blog to continue with scheduled posts, but I've thought of little else. Most of my favorite YA titles are already there, but I did add Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford, which is a wonderful, uplifting book, although the title might suggest otherwise.

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