Rummanah Aasi
Description: My name is Amelia Gray, and I'm a cemetery restorer who lives with the dead. An anonymous donor has hired me to restore Woodbine Cemetery, a place where the rich and powerful bury their secrets. Forty years ago, a child disappeared without a trace and now her ghost has awakened, demanding that I find out the truth about her death. Only I know that she was murdered. Only I can bring her killer to justice. But the clues that I follow - a haunting melody and an unnamed baby's grave - lead me to a series of disturbing suspects.
  For generations, the Devlins have been members of Charleston's elite. John Devlin once turned his back on the traditions and expectations that came with his birthright, but now he has seemingly accepted his rightful place. His family's secrets make him a questionable ally. When my investigation brings me to the gates of his family's palatial home, I have to wonder if he is about to become my mortal enemy.

Review: While not my favorite in the Graveyard Queen series, The Awakening is a satisfying conclusion. It has been a pleasure watching Amelia grow as a character. She is much more self assured and owns her connection to the undead though she wants more than anything is to be left alone. Heartbroken over her relationship with the hot and cold John Devlin, a cop who has mesmerized her since the first book, Amelia has tried to move on but fate has other things in mind as they are thrust back together to solve a mystery of a murdered young girl. Like the other mysteries in this series it is developed quite well. There are plenty of clues sprinkled throughout the story and a good handful amount of red herrings. Of course it wouldn't be a Graveyard Queen novel without moments that would give you goosebumps or cause you to jump at the slightest noise while reading it.
 While I enjoyed the mystery and finally getting answers behind Devlin's strange behavior, I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed. I solved the mystery early on as big clues to the puzzles aligned themselves a bit too quickly in my mind. I was hoping for the romantic tension to build up between Amelia and Devlin, which the author has done tremendously in the last books, but this time it work for me. Amelia and Devlin's time together felt rushed especially with the info dumping in the last few chapters. Regardless of these flaws, I really enjoyed my time reading this series that I had once picked up on a whim. It has been a great journey and while the overall story arc has come to a close there is a small door open should the author decide to continue to write more from this world.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: There are some disturbing scenes and a fade to black sex scene. Recommended for mature teens and adults only.

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  1. I felt like you about Amelia and Devlin. I wasn't a fan of the info dump either. However, I really did love this series and I am sorry to see it end.

  2. 6 books in a series is a lot! Of course, I didn't feel that way for the Harry Potter books, but usually I peter out about book 3 :-)

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed this one as well. I wasn't completely thrilled with the ending but it was satisfying. :)

  4. Kindlemom Says:

    I love this series, I really am sad that it is over and wish the last book would have had just a bit more but I'm glad there will be a spin off of sorts.

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