Rummanah Aasi
Description: Gracie has never felt like this before. One day, she suddenly can't breathe, can't walk, can't anything and the reason is standing right there in front of her, all tall and weirdly good-looking: A.J. It turns out A.J. likes not Gracie but Gracie's beautiful best friend, Sienna. Obviously Gracie is happy for Sienna. Super happy! She helps Sienna compose the best texts, responding to A.J. s surprisingly funny and appealing texts, just as if she were Sienna. Because Gracie is fine. Always! She's had lots of practice being the sidekick, second-best. It s all good. Well, almost all. She's trying.

Review: Well, That Was Awkwardof a diverse group of middle schoolers embarking on their journey to high school. Gracie Grant, a tall eighth grader who has a prominent nose and hails from New York City, takes the lead as our Cyrano figure. She is bubbly, plucky, and optimistic. Gracie's best friend, Sienna Reyes, needs help texting the boy who likes her, the handsome AJ Rojanasopondist. Though nursing a broken heart, Gracie puts aside her feelings and is completely there for her best friend. Text messages are sent and their meanings are flustered over. Despite having feelings for AJ, Gracie has no idea that someone is actually interested in her. The romance in this book is adorable as the characters try to find their own voices and personalities as they come to terms with their own shortcomings. It made me thankful that I will never have to relive those awkward moments ever again.
  Along with a light, fun story line, Well, That Was Awkward also has depth with a subplot of Gracie confronting with the lost of her sister who died in a car accident before Gracie was born and Gracie's plight of always appearing to be happy and okay for her over-protective parents. This subplot weaves in and out throughout the story and doesn't overshadow the lighter moments. I actually think it enhances the story and gives Gracie a really nice character growth arc. I was really happy that the author prevents all of her characters from being one dimensional stereotypes though she does highlight the common cliques in middle school. I was also impressed that Gracie parents are
fully formed, not the typically clueless adults or worse absent parents who are featured in many books written for this audience. There is a nice twist in the Cyrano story that left me completely satisfied. Well, That Was Awkward is a perfect read for romance and realistic fiction fans of all ages and I highly recommend it.

Rating: 4.5 stars

Words of Caution: None. Recommended for Grades 5 and up.

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  1. Oh this sounds so cute. I also love the fully formed parental characters. Perfect for a few middle schoolers I know. :)

  2. This sounds like a fun and cute YA novel. Perfect for summer

  3. Kindlemom Says:

    Okay this does sound adorable!

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