Rummanah Aasi

 For 2023 I have the following reading goals in mind:

  • Don't set up TBR (to be read) lists for the month: I am terrible at sticking to TBR lists. I am very much a mood reader and the moment that I placed a book on a reading list, I'm suddenly not interested in it anymore. Why? Because it loses its new-ness and it becomes more like homework.
  • Continue to read and search out BIPOC and LGBTQ+ authors: Mainstay authors don't need help in promoting their books. I would rather put my focus on the marginalized authors that do need the spotlight.
  • Expand my reading tastes: In 2022, I dipped my toes into reading more thrillers, mysteries, and a little of horror. While there were quite a few misses, I did find books that I thoroughly enjoyed. I want to keep broadening my reading tastes and read diversely in terms of genres. I'd like to pick up historical fiction books that take place outside of the U.S. or Europe or if it does take place in the U.S. or Europe, it is shown through the eyes of a marginalized character. I would also like to read some science fiction titles too.

Blogging Goal for 2023:

    I need to get my blogging groove back and snap out of this blogging slump. Writing 4 blog posts a week takes a lot of time, energy, and commitment. I think 3 blog posts a week is a bit more manageable in order to rekindle my blogging passion. While I do miss blogging and the blogging community, it did at times feel like an extension of work and it felt draining. I created this blog as an outlet when I didn't have the opportunity to share my thoughts and recommendations with readers. Some how the creative outlet became a second or third job and with additional responsibilities and time commitments, I had to let it go but I am determined to get back on track. I hope you'll join me. 

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  1. I think 3 blog posts a week can be a lot. If you don't achieve that, don't give yourself a hard time. Blogging should be fun!

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