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  I'm trying to read out of my manga comfort zone. I tend to lean on the action/thriller or gothic romance genres, but I haven't really ventured into the shojo, romantic comedy genre of manga. The Absolute Boyfriend series would be my first romantic comedy. Though the storyline is quite silly, it's a great escape and a fun read. I recently finished the second volume.

Description: Riiko thought her prayers where answered when her mail ordered, perfect boyfriend, Night, appeared at her door. She was only suppose to keep Night for his 3 day free trial and return him, except she forgot to look at the small print of her receipt and now she has to fork up $1 million dollars to pay for him. Thinking quickly on her feet, Riiko proposes she can help Night's manufacturing company by providing them with lots of data about women. As long as Night collects data, she doesn't have to pay the large fee. Where would be the best place to take Night that has lots of girls and is of free of charge? To school, of course! The hilarity continues in Volume 2.

Review:  Absolute Boyfriend is a manga series where you can sit back, relax, and don't really need to think too hard. While the storyline does not make complete sense, it is still fun to watch the characters create problems for themselves and then try to get out of them. Riiko's successfully tried to keep Night hidden, but since she can't afford his hefty fee of $1 million dollars she strikes a bargain with his manufacturing company in allowing Night to gather as much data as he can about the opposite sex in hopes of perfecting the company's models in the future. In order to keep Night in her sight, she enrolls him into her school where he is instantly popular amongst the girls and boys. Soshi, Riiko's neighbor, is suspicious about how perfect Night seems to be and he feels there is something odd about him that he can't quite pin point.
  In the second volume of this manga, there are two major plot lines that will determine how the series ends. In one plot line, Riiko finally finds out why she has been rejected so many times by her previous crushes during a school field trip. I was proud of Riiko, who quickly gets on my nerves sometimes with her whining and clueless attitude, for standing up for herself. Watase does a good job in describing all the teen drama of various relationships. The second plot line perfectly sets up the inevitable love triangle between Riiko, Soshi, and Night. We also see more signs that Soshi has feelings for Riiko as comes to her side when she needs a shoulder to cry on. Riiko clearly has feelings for both Night and Soshi. Night who observes Soshi and Riiko getting closer, gets jealous and finds a way to show Riiko that he can take care of himself.
  What enthralls me about this series so far is how human Night comes across. We do get to see him being jealous, insecure, and well vulnerable, but are his feelings genuine or just programmed by Riiko? Perhaps he is a Pinnochio who will really turn into a real boy? The second volume does leave off at a cliffhanger and I look forward to all the drama in Volume 3.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: There is some sexual innuendo, jokes, and discussion about relationships spread throughout the book. Rated OT for Older Teens.

If you like this book try: Girl Parts by John M. Cusik, The Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee, Absolute Boyfriend Vol 3 by Yuu Watase
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  1. Jenny Says:

    I really like the questions about whether or not Night actually feels or if he's been programmed to feel that way. Interesting:) Can't wait to see what you think of Volume 3!

  2. This does sound silly, but it's clear that the author put of work into the plot and character building. I like that you can't tell if Night's feelings are genuine or programmed.

  3. I like the sound of the plot, though perhaps this isn't for me. I like how well-thought out it sounds. Brilliant, thoughtful review! :)

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