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 I've heard of the children's book, Bunnicula, before but never got around to reading it. It was written in 1979 by Deborah and James Howe, yet it still feels fresh after 32 years and loved by many. Thanks to this year's Bluestem list, I was able to read this children's classic.

Description: When their owners bring home a lost rabbit and claims it as their pet, the rabbit named Bunnicula has strange traits and habits. Though Harold the dog thinks Bunnicula is just an ordinary rabbit, Chester the cat tries to warn his human family that their foundling baby bunny must be a vampire.

Review: Bunnicula is a delightful, silly, and humorous children's story. The novel is narrated by Harold, the dog, who enjoys his time lounging around the house and looking for his next treat. He gets along comfortably well with Chester, the cat, who is quite well read. Despite the most ridiculous situations they find themselves in, the pets have an inherit dignity and can hold their heads high after the event has past.
  Life with the Monroes has never been really eventful until the family comes back one day from a "Dracula" film with a tiny shivering rabbit found in the theater. After a family meeting, they promptly name the bunny Bunnicula in honor of the film but the bunny is not much of a companion. He sleeps all day and never seems to touch his food. Given his red eyes, strange sleeping habits, Chester becomes convinced that the rabbit is actually a vampire and  he takes it upon himself (with a reluctant Harold in tow) to defeat this new nemesis to the Monroe home.
 It was great fun following along Chester's logic. There are many moments were I laughed out loud and shook my head, mostly because Chester is very serious about his plan. The humor does really shine in the book. There are some jokes that may go over little kids heads such as what do vampires do, but they don't retract from the story nor are they inappropriate. It's really hard not to like this book. I think children who are comfortable reading chapter books on their own and love stories where the animals run the show would love this book. I know I did!

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: None. Recommended to Grades 3 and up.

If you like this book try: Bunnicula Strikes Again! by James Howe or The Case of the Lost Boy by Dori Butler
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  1. Marcie Says:

    I love this book. My kids love it too. It's a perfect book to read w/ kids. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. My daughter and I discovered Bunicula a few years when she was 7 and both really enjoyed it. In fact we went out and got the sequel, too

  3. Safoora Says:

    This was one of my favourite books growing up! I’m thinking this may have been where my interest in vampire stories started…hmm…I was recently thinking about this book, think I’ll have to get myself a new copy and re-read it!

    Another great children’s book that I recently re-read is “Mr Popper’s Penguins.” Unfortunately it’s being made into a film with Jim Carrey starring as the lead.

  4. Jenny Says:

    Bunnicula? I would read this book just because of that title:) Sounds like a cute story for younger kids, and I think the fact that the dog is narrating is awesome:)

  5. Bunnicula! I remember loving this book when my teacher read it to us in 2nd grade. I think it's a must read for all little kids. Great review. I'd forgotten most of the book.

  6. I would've definitely chose this as a read-aloud for younger kids. It's a riot. Too bad I missed this one when I was younger. Glad to read and enjoy it now. :)

  7. Caroline Says:

    If you LOVE Bunnicula you should check out the musical version debuting Off- Broadway in NYC this February. Visit us at or for more info check out The show is great for families but as a 20 something myself, I think the show is equally enjoyable for adults who loved the book.

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