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 Today I'm excited to bring you author Susan Niz's Teenage Garage Sale post. In this post, we ask the author on what we might find if there were to have a garage sale featuring items from their teenage years. Here is what Susan shared with us:

  • A faded jeans jacket with about a thousand safety pins across the back and original poetry written in permanent marker on the inside.  Priceless 
  • Tape collection: Metallica, Skid Row, Cat Stevens, Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, INXS, George Michael, Bangles, Cyndi Lauper $.25 each ($.10 w/out case) 
  • My Babysitter’s Club books. $.10 each (kind of yellow from sitting on my shelf for five years) 
  • Various sizes of Le Sports Sac bags. $1.00 small, $2.00 medium, $2.50 tote 
  • Liz Claiborne perfume (the classic red triangle) half-empty $4.00 
  • A Benetton and Esprit sweatshirt (the names subtly printed in huge letters across the front) $15.00 each 
  • An autographed postcard from Michael J. Fox $10.00 
  • Poison poster $1.00 

  • A yellow “water-resistant” Walkman am/fm plus tape for your listening pleasure $7.00 (battery cover missing, covered with duct tape) 

  • Portable, yellow Prang art set with drawing pencils, colored pencils, markers, a silver sharpener, and a gray gum eraser. A few pencils missing. $4.00 
  • Army surplus bag with red military emblem on the flap $5.00 
  • Army pea coat (trench) $7.00 
  • 4-color click pen (blue, black, red, green) $.50 
  • Scratch and sniff sticker collection $3.00 
  • RIT dye purple and black, for tie-dye $.25 each 

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  1. Jenny Says:

    YES!!! This post is awesome:) I definitely had Benetton and Espirit shirts/sweatshirts with their giant letters too:) And I remember scratch and sniff stickers, I used to love those!

  2. It is funny I live in another Country yet there is some very familiar items like Scratch and sniff collections and Esprit sweatshirt!

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