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 I thought the first two volumes of Absolute Boyfriend to be silly yet entertaining. The manga series now seems to be ludicrous and rather more disturbing. Volume 2 ended in sort of a cliffhanger and I wonder what could possibly happen next.

Description: Riiko has gone from a DOA love life to two boys vying for her attention and heart! As she and Soshi get closer together, she grows farther apart from Night who feels he can't meet his opponent. Night knows that Riiko took up a job to help pay for his fees, but decides to take a job and help Riiko with her payment. The only problem is if Night gets closer to another woman, he could be lost to Riiko forever. Between Soshi and Night, which relationship will Riiko save and fight for?

Review: I'm puzzled whether Absolute Boyfriend is suppose to be a satire or just a romantic comedy. Riiko's actions don't always make sense. The second volume presents a love triangle between Riiko, Soshi, and Night. Riiko is falling for both of her suitors and really can't make up her mind. Soshi is human and has grown up with Riiko. Night is the perfect, manufactured boyfriend. In the third volume, we learn that there are some hang ups about Night's figuration. Riiko learns about Night's wiring issues by the sleazy salesman that manufactured figures like Night named Gaku. When Riiko sees Night being extra friendly to another woman, she fears she has lost Night forever. She suddenly makes the decision that she can't live without Night and is willing to do anything to keep Night to herself.
  I felt terrible for Soshi, who is dumped like a wet towel whenever Riiko remembers about Night. Personally, I don't understand the love triangle. I mean, do you really have to think about choosing a figure or a human? Soshi continues to be suspicious about Night and he is swept into all of Riiko's drama when he is whisked away at a vacation that Gaku sets up for Night and Riiko. Night wants Soshi to be present when Riiko makes her decision as to who she loves the most. While not as strong as the last two volumes, it's a brainless, quick yet sometimes frustrating read. I'm already halfway with the series and I'm curious as how to this love triangle is solved. 

Rating: 3.5 stars

Words of Caution: There is semi-nudity and sexual themes throughout this volume. Rated OT for Older Teens.

If you like this book try: Girl Parts by John M. Cusik, The Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee, Absolute Boyfriend Vol 4 by Yuu Watase
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm pretty sure its satire. I own all of Absolute Boyfriend, and I can tell you towards the end it gets a bit more serious but right now, it's totally satire.

    Great review. I enjoyed hearing what you thought about it because it was a different reaction to mine when I first starting reading the series. I was just LOLing all over the place.

    ♥ Trish
    Just a YA Girl

  2. Jenny Says:

    If Riiko had Soshi originally, why the need for Night at all? Or is that explained somewhere and I just missed it? I love reading your and Alison's manga reviews, they're always so interesting:)

  3. Nat Says:

    Sometimes a brainless read it just what I need, although I have never tried manga. I confess that I find the covers off-putting!

  4. Sounds interesting. This is such an odd series that it sounds good. Poor Soshi. Just one letter away from Sushi. It'd be like having the name "Checken."

  5. Tris: Yeah, it does get serious which makes me wonder what the purpose of this series is. It definitely did not end the way I expected.

    Jenny: Soshi has always liked Riiko but never told her until Night shows up. I guess he feels like it's the right time for him.

    Kelli: The cover for this series is slightly off putting, especially for the first volume. I just find the story so bizarre.

    Alison: LOL, I thought of that many times. Poor Soshi.

  6. Ah good old love triangles. Even in manga they are frustrating! I have only read one manga series (Vampire Knight) but I am looking for a new one to try. This might be fun. Great review :)

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