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  After finishing the shaky Absolute Boyfriend series, it was nice to get back to one my favorites series, Vampire Knight which is currently on Volume 12 in the U.S. I get so sucked into this series that it's hard to wait for the next volume to come out, which should be this fall.

Description: After a year apart, Yuki and Zero meet again. They lock eyes, but they turn away from each other, becoming strangers. Yori wanders around the ballroom, and Sara Shirabuki, a pureblood vampire,  finds and talks to her. She tries to lure Yori away, but is stopped by Zero. Yuki quickly tries to make amends, while Sara asks Yuki if she wants to be her friend. Kaname arranges for Yuki to meet privately with Yori and Zero, but Zero declines. At the party, Sara Shirabuki's Pureblood fiance, Ouri, goes missing, as well as a vampire hunter. A scent of blood suddenly fills the air, and Yuki goes to investigate while Kain finds the remains of the dead Pureblood hidden underneath a tablecloth. Yuki finds Zero and Kaien investigating the body of the dead hunter, who committed suicide after becoming a vampire. Is it really a suicide or is someone murdering vampires and vampire hunters?

Review: Volume 12 is setting up for a new story arc. We potentially have a new villain and there is already strains in many of the relationships in this series, particularly our main love triangle with Yuki, Kaname, and Zero, but also the other vampires that swear allegiance to Kaname are thinking twice about their loyalty. While there might not be as much action in this installment, there is definitely high tension and everyone seems to be on edge.
   Yuki and Zero, who have always been in each other's company, now can't stand to be in the same room together. Both are unhappy with their current status quo, but there is nothing they can do about what fate has given them. Kaname has continued to keep a tight grasp on Yuki's freedom, only allowing  her to go as long she receives permission from him. I've always been Team Zero since I started this series. While I don't necessarily hate Kaname, I seem to dislike him more and more.
  Unlike the other volumes in this series, the main focus of this volume is Yuki. I've always liked Yuki. She was a strong willed, determined, and always caring. Putting others needs ahead of her own. Once again, she is now faced to make a decision as to how she will define the rest of her life and shape it with purpose.You will never find Yuki on the sideline waiting for someone else to help solve her problems for her instead she will be the first in line to tackle the issue herself.
  What I continually find interesting in the last few volumes of Vampire Knight is the budding relationship between Aido and Yuki. I don't necessarily sense a romantic interest in Aido, but I do get a sense that they are friends and that he respects Yuki. It'll be interesting on how their relationship will continue and possibly change. Although there is not really a cliffhanger ending in this volume, we are left with some interesting tidbits about Kaname as well as hints for those who want to see some background for Yuki's foster father Kaien Cross.  This volume definitely feels like the calm before the storm of the next whirlwind of events which will undoubtedly hit Yuki, Zero, and the former Night Class. It's only a matter of time.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: There is some violence. Rated T for Teens.

If you like this book try: Vampire Knight Vol 13 by Matsuri Hino (Fall 2011), Black Butler series by Yana Toboso, God Child by Kaori Yuki
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  1. Jenny Says:

    Oooo I like when there's that calm before the storm feeling and you just read on edge waiting for the inevitable fury:) Can't wait to read your thoughts when that storm finally hits!

  2. I think that lull before the storm is the most tenuous part - fabulous thoughts and well-written review! :)

  3. This is my favourite manga series and the only one I have read LOL. I am Team Zero too although I like Kaname. Can't wait to catch up on this series :)

  4. I've always liked Yuki too. I feel like she's starting to assert herself more with Kaname.
    After a few blah volumes of VK, volume 12 got me more interested.

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