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  Today I'm participating in R.T. Kaelin's Progeny Book Tour hosted by the Teen Book Scene. Here is a little information about the author. R.T. Kaelin grew up in Cincinnati and now resides in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and the two kids. For years, he has worked in information technology, but felt there was something more waiting for him. He always had an active imagination and decided to write. er are too young to grasp it fully, but they are the reason he writes. I'm always curious what writers do when they are not writing and today I would like to invite R.T. to give his thoughts.

When R.T. is Not Writing 

   Save for the A-List names, most of us authors have a day job. As an indie author, I am no different. During the day, I am a Software Architect for a consulting company in Columbus, Ohio. It is a job that requires me to use a totally different part of my brain throughout the day. Critical thinking, problem solving, client and team member wrangling are my chief duties during the day, leaving the creative part of my brain to build up a backload of ideas that burst forth in the evening when I get a chance to write.
    In my free time—when I am not writing—I like to spend time with my family mainly. I have two small children (the inspiration for the main characters in Progeny) and I love doing just about anything with them. In the summer, we go to the pool or waterpark whenever we can. They both love the bookstore, so a typical Saturday or Sunday morning consists of breakfast at Bob Evans and a trip to the local Barnes & Noble.
I go to the gym on a daily basis (typically after work or in the morning on the weekends) and lift and do some sort of cardio. I like to read while I am on the bike there, which is just about the only time in my life I get the opportunity to read.
   My wife and I enjoy spending time with each other, trying new things whenever we can. We love to travel and have been kicking around the idea of taking motorcycle-riding lessons in the spring. You only live life once, right? 

Nikalys and his sister Kenders grew up living a peaceful life in the quiet farming village of Yellow Mud… until the blistering hot day when they go to the nearby lake for a swim. When they reach the lake, they spy an unknown mage conjure a massive water creature hundreds of feet tall. They watch in horror as the water creature plunges toward their home, apparently drowning all in its path, including their parents and older brother, Jak. As the only survivors, brother and sister strike out on their own, hoping to discover the reason their home and family was destroyed. They must make their way through a countryside where magic is outlawed, punishable by imprisonment or even death while struggling with the revelation that Kenders has magical abilities herself. Although Kenders can feel and touch the many-colored “strands” of magic she has no idea how to use them until she and Nikalys are attacked by a pack of wolves and Kenders instinctively summons a bolt of lightning, immediately collapsing when the effort drains her of all her energy. From nowhere a giant lynx appears and saves the pair from certain death and then miraculously morphs into his natural self, a seven-foot-tall man. The shape changer’s name is Broedi and when the time is right, he reveals to the siblings that he is one of the original White Lions and he recites to them an ancient prophecy that tells of the coming of a new and even more terrible war than the one centuries ago. The evil Gods of Chaos, Strife, and Sorrow and Pain would combine efforts to unite the orcs, gnolls and razorfiends --- normally sworn enemies. The forces of good would be led by two children of other White Lions; those children are Nikalys and Kenders, the Progeny. As brother and sister struggle with the revelation that the only parents they could remember were not their birth parents, some of the Gods and Goddesses were busy setting other events in motion. Others people – strangers at first – would gather and become allies of the Progeny. Together, they were about to be caught up in the greatest conflict the world had ever seen. Ancient, powerful forces still seek the Progeny on their travels, some intent to eliminate the threat they pose, some hoping to help them fulfill a destiny of which they are unaware. Myths and legends come to life, whisking the pair along a journey they never could have imagined possible.

Progeny is now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble. To learn more about R.T. Kaelin and his writings, please visit his website.
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  1. Jenny Says:

    I grew up in Cincy and now live in Columbus too! I really enjoy it here, everything seems to be really close together and easy to get to (at least in Dublin) and even though I'm not a huge sports person, it's hard not to get caught up in the OSU fervor. I don't think I've ever spelled out the word OHIO so much in my entire life.

    I'll definitely be checking this book out!

  2. Sounds like R.T. has a very interesting job. I wish I was better with computers and technical things. It is good to remember that most authors have day jobs.

  3. Gah! I need to get myself to the gym on a daily basis. How long does it take to form a habit?

    Life outside of writing sounds great. Thanks for sharing. :)

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