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   Today I'm thrilled to be part of the promotional tour for Misty Provencher's Cornerstone. The book has been receiving rave reviews from some of my favorite bloggers! Check out Candace's, Missie's, Heidi's, and Heather's reviews just for a sample. Or better yet, check out the entire Cornerstone blog tour and win a copy of the book for yourself! Due to my time constraints, I wasn't able to review Misty's book, however, I got the next best thing: an interview with the irresistible Garret Reese, the heartthrob and one of the most talked about book boyfriends of this year. Not convinced? Just take a look at Missie's Book Boyfriend post below!

Image and link: Missie's MBB post
Hey, Garrett. I'm having a hard time in believing no other blogger has snagged you yet. I, uh, mean for an interview. You're causing quite a ruckus around the blogosphere. People have already claimed you as being theirs. How does this make you feel?   

Really?  Wow, I'm flattered.  I guess I should let them know though, I'm taken.  I've been seeing Nalena Maxwell.  

 *Laughs* Yeah, that's so not going to stop them. Just take a look at the traffic over at Missie's blog post.  *Looks at Garrett for one or two heartbeats* Wow, you really do have liquid blue eyes. *Blushes* So, um, you and Nalena go to the same school where you are a senior and she a junior. Why did it take you three years to finally approach her at the library? And where were you all those years when she was bullied?

  *Drops eyes*  That's a tricky question, but I'm glad you asked.  Some people have really wrong ideas about what happened with that.
   I'm part of a community called the Ianua.  That means that I've dedicated myself to abide by certain principles, one of them being a vow of  complete respect of other members in my community.  Going against these principles can result in being separated from the Ianua, which means losing everything - the material belongings are the very least of it.    
 In Nalena's case, her mother, Evangeline, had separated herself from the community before Nalena was even born.  We know why she did that now, but it's a harsh decision that no one would make unless they were desperate.  Nalena lived in a different school district, and even though I knew of Evangeline's family because of what happened, I didn't really know Nalena until she moved into our district and started attending Simon Valley, earlier this year.  Once I saw her, well, if you've seen Nalena, you understand.  Remaining dedicated to the rules of my community became nearly impossible.
 The problem for me was that Evangeline requested that the community would have no interaction with her daughter.  I had to respect that request, whether or not I agreed with it, but don't think I wasn't around.  I couldn't stop everything that came Nalena's way, but I stopped everything that would have physically hurt her.  I justified what I did by telling myself that Alo Evangeline would have been grateful for my intervention, but there was no way of knowing.  She could have just as easily asked for my separation from the community and it would've been granted.  
  By the way, I've been in libraries much longer than Nalena has and I've yet to meet a guy like you. I must be doing something wrong. There is some obvious romantic tension between you and Nalena. Don't look at me like that. It's written all over your face when I say her name. What were your first thoughts that popped into your head when you saw her sitting in the library? What draws you to her? 
 It'd be easy to say it was the way she looked, but it wasn't that.  *glances, grins*  It's a person's way that matters.  She could be the hottest girl on Earth, but if she's conceited or shallow, who wants to be with that?  
  My first thought, when I was walking toward her, was absolute relief.  I knew what was going on, that the danger had resurfaced for both her and her mother, and I was more concerned that she'd catch me lurking at some point and flip out on me.  I finally went to the Addo directly and asked if I could have permission to get in closer to Nalena.  He allowed it, due to the circumstances.  
 Walking down that library aisle was the easiest thing I'd ever done.  Every step closer to her made me feel more relaxed.  More alive inside.  I don't think I can describe it.  When they say you just know?  They're right.    
What is your idea of a perfect day? 
Easy.  Nalena and I hanging out together and the whole world at peace around us.  If I can't get perfect, I'll just take the first half and call it a day at spectacular.    

*Ticks off on one a hand* You're popular, athletic, smart, gorgeous, and ooze charm. Basically, you're perfect. There's got to be a dark side to you. What makes you tick?  
*Grins*  Wow.  I'm really not all that, but thanks for the vote of confidence.  *laughs*  I work hard to stay in the moment and stay centered in my life (my brother, Sean, would be so happy to hear that I said don't tell him, alright?  *grins*).  But now I wish I had an impressive dark side!  
 What makes me tick is simple: commitment to family, friends and community.  Justice, honor.    
Thanks so much for stopping by Garrett. Do you have any parting words for your fans out there?

 I'm grateful for the attention, but sorry, ladies, I'm taken!

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  1. Jenny Says:

    Awwww I love you Garrett! But out of respect for your obvious love for Nalena, I won't make a play for you in this comment. Maybe.

    Love the bullying question Rummanah, I haven't read this one yet but that's definitely something I can see asking myself while reading. Glad I know the answer ahead of time now:)

  2. Unknown Says:

    Thanks so much for having Garrett over to talk, Rummanah! He's not much of a showboat, so I'm glad to see you got so much out of him. I hope your readers will enjoy him and snag their copy of Cornerstone while it's still only .99 cents this month! Thanks again for having him!

  3. Thanks for making me smile with this interview :) It's nice to see what makes Garrett tick through his own eyes, rather than just Nalena's.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Zeeeeohhhhh! I am so happy I bought this book!! Im so excited to meet this Garrett.....:D

    Fun interview ladies.

  5. Candace Says:

    So awesome to get to know him better! I knew why he didn't get involved with Nalena before but I guess I kind of forgot, so it's nice to hear he really wanted to!
    So glad you're part of the tour!

  6. What a fun interview! It really gives you an idea of Garrett's personality. And a good taste of the book.

  7. Great Character Interview and very much Garrett! Take time to read this one if you get a chance. It is totally worth it.


  8. I've seen the reviews for this one and am surprised nobody has had Garrett for an interview yet. I haven't read this one but it's nice to learn a little more about him.

  9. What the frek! How did I miss this post? *slaps self*

    Garret, Garret, Garret! *le sigh* Thanks for explaining about the whole situation regarding why you had to say away from Nalena. I'll admit, it was hard for me to understand. And I really admire how ardently you stick to your principles. You don't meet a lot of young people now a days that even know what principles are. LOL

    Speaking of meeting people, can you introduce me to Sean? *grins*

    LOL! Thanks for the interview.

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