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  I will say that Mondays are not my favorite day of the week. It's hard to get your mindset back on track after a relaxing weekend. I do, however, look forward to sharing my excitement reading manga with other bloggers and finding out new series to try. Thanks to Alison over at Alison Can Read for her meme of Manga Mondays.

 Description: Featured on the manga's cover -Napoleon Bonaparte (1769–1821) Leader of France during the first French Empire. Became known as a hero for his victories as a general and went on to seize absolute control of the state in a coup d'état. As emperor, Napoleon's rule spanned almost all of Europe, but opposition to his rule grew widespread after his army suffered a bitter defeat by the cruel Russian winter, leading to his eventual seizure and exile. Even then, Napoleon managed to return to power for a time, only to be exiled once again. He died on Saint Helena Island. 

Review: Volume 3 of Afterschool Charisma digs a little deeper into the psychological aspects of cloning. When clone President Kennedy was assassinated, clones began to seriously think about their own fates. A few dared to question their purpose while some tried to commit suicide because they couldn't handle the pressure and great expectations to be just like their clones. Unlike his clone friends, Shiro Kamiya, the sole human student at St Kleio's Academy, a private and heavily guarded boarding school attended by the clones of historical figures, he never thought twice about his identity. He was absolutely sure about his own humanity until he suddenly meets an older research assistant who looks like his doppelganger. Was Shiro a clone all along? If so, why was he raised as a human all along?  As you can tell, I had a zillion questions flying at me at once after this shocker, but things get much more complicated.
   While Shiro is having an identity crisis, the clones are working on their last minute preparations for their big presentations. The biggest show stopper is testing the power of the Almighty Dolly, by saving Joan of Arc from burning at the stake. The tension builds as Rasputin and his followers recreate Joan of Arc's death sentence and escalates as assassins burst onto the scene to kill all of St Kleio clones. While the assassins don't really talk much in this volume, you can't help but notice that they look really familiar. 
   Afterschool Charisma is a series that will give you brain cramps after you are done, which to me isn't a bad thing. My questions are usually an indication of how much I'm invested in the story and the characters. I enjoy being in the dark and not having all the answers as I try to come up with my own solution and then discover interesting twists that I didn't expect. This volume has definitely a lot more action and kept me flipping the pages.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: Rated T+ for mature themes, violence, some language, and brief nudity. Recommended for mature teens and adults only.

If you like this book try: Afterschool Charisma Vol. 4 by Unwind by Neal Shusterman, Hetalia: Axis Powers by
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  1. Jenny Says:

    Why do the assassins look familiar? I guess maybe I could answer that question myself if I read huh? Sounds like a super exciting volume, and I love how you phrased "brain cramps", that's such a perfect way of putting that feeling! I love it when that happens too:) Unless their frustrating brain cramps instead of pleasing ones.

  2. Oh I like those twisty type of books that make you question so much. Sounds like a great manga.

  3. I'm really curious about this. Maybe I'll try it after I finish Skip Beat and Kimi no Todoke, although I want to read Black Butler too. Too many series!

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