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Description (from the back cover): Nana K.'s perfect Tokyo life is crumbling around her. She can't keep a job, she can't keep any money, and now it looks like she can't even keep her boyfriend! But luckily, a tasty nugget of gossip about Nana O.'s past love life helps Nana K. keep her mind off her own troubles. If she can play the role of cupid for her best friend, can Nana K. get closer to her own happy ending?

Review: The fourth volume of Nana shifts its focus from everyday slices of life such as finding a job or getting a job to relationships. Nana O. and Shoji break up after lNana O learns he cheated on her with Sachiko. Their break up was unusual in that instead of Shoji coming clean, Sachiko takes full blame and responsiblity. I couldn't believe that Shoji never took fault since it takes two to cheat.  I think Nana O. had noticed clues that her relationship with Shoji was detoriating so she wasn't completely floored when it happened but she is heartbroken. In order to escape her own heartbreak, she ventures into learning more about Nana K., who unlike Nana O. is a closed book that doesn't talk much about herself. 
  As readers, we already know that Nana K. was in a serious relationship with Ren Honjo, Nana's former bassssist for her group Blast and now the face of Trapnest (chart-topping rock band), but Nana O. doesn't discover this news until Nana's groupie Misato tells her. There were lots of visual clues about Nana K. and Ren's ties to one another. There are many panels where Nana K. longingly looks at Ren at Nana O.'s Trapnest poster found in her room. Nana K. also grows quiet when Ren is mentioned by her other bandmates. Nana O's ignorance about this relationship shows how often she is lost in her own world. Nana O's new found mission is to bring Nana K and Ren back together, beginning with bringing Nana K with her to a Trapnest concert at Nana O's hometown. The mission is sweet and made with good intention. I hope it works.
  We travel along with the two Nanas to Nana O's hometown and meet her warm family. My heartached for Nana K. who clearly yearns for a family of her own who can fuss over her. We find out that Nana K.'s family is barely nonexistent. She never knew her father and her mother took off with a random guy when she was just 4 years old, leaving her with her distant grandmother. The volume ends on a minicliffhanger as the Nanas go to see Trapnest in concert. I'm curious to see Ren's reaction when he sees Nana K and whether their relationship can be rekindled. It's clear that they both have strong feelings for each other.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: There is some language as well as underage drinking and smokeing. Recommended for older teens and adults only.

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  1. Jenny Says:

    This sounds like a really interesting manga series, I love the differences in the two Nana's, and now you have me all invested in wanting to see if the relationship with Nana K and Ren can start up again:)

  2. Cool! As it will be a while before I read the Nana series, I'm glad to get the overview of what's going on. It's funny that two girls so opposite of each other can be such good friends. I'd never think the rocker would do something so sweet. But very nice.


  3. Krista Says:

    I picked up a older teen one and I was loving the story till those parts. My Manga was somehow obsessed with nipples. Therefore I think I'll stay away from the "olderteen" hard though because 4 stars and great review! Thanks so much:)

  4. This series does sound very interesting. I like how realistic it seems. Unlike most manga. Does it feel that way when you're reading it?

  5. review Says:

    i really love this series but sad to say, it's been on hiatus for years=(

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