Rummanah Aasi
  After reading Mockingjay, I wanted something light and funny to read. I was browsing through the stacks at my local library and came across a book titled Postcards from a Dead Girl. The back of the book's description indicated that this would be a love story starring quirky characters and with a dash of dark humor. I got the quirky characters, but I couldn't seem to find anything else.

Description: Sid Higgins is obsessed with his ex-girlfriend Zoe. He believes she is missing or quite possibly dead, except he is not sure. He has been receiving Zoe's postcards sent from her European adventure on which he was originally supposed to accompany her. The postcards just happen to be a year old. Thus, Sid starts his journey trying to retrace Zoe's footsteps, tries to find new love while dealing with his job as a telemarketer for a travel agency, and hypochondria amongst many other things.

Review: Normally, I'm up for a surrealist read but I need something concrete to hang on to when I'm on a roller coaster ride. Something to help me distinguish what is reality and what is fantasy. I had nothing while reading Postcards from a Dead Girl. I was lost right from the start, but I kept reading in hopes that I would find my way. Instead, I got deeper and deeper in a maze with no exit sign.
  The plot of the book kept going forward and backwards in time. I'm not entirely sure if anything happened or if it did. I liked Sid as a quirky character. He struggles to find some meaning his life, but I wasn't entirely sure how to react to him. Was I suppose to laugh at him, commiserate, or sympathize with him? Thankfully, this was a slender book with many short chapters. I mainly skimmed large chucks of the book until I finally reached the end of the book. If you're looking for a book that has neurotic characters and actually a story you can follow, read Nick Hornby's terrific High Fidelity and leave this book alone.  

Rating: 1 star

Words of Caution: There is language and sexual situations in the book.

If you like this book try: High Fidelity by Nick Hornby
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