Rummanah Aasi
  I use to complain that all the adult books that I picked up were just too dark and depressing. Now I came across an adult book that was a little bit like eating a Popsicle. It has a sweet flavor but as you finish it, you have a sickly artificial sweetener flavor on your tongue and stickiness on your hands. The Popsicle or rather book is Meg Clayton's Wednesday Sisters.

Description: In the 1960s, five women come together through weekly visits to a park in Palo Alto, California, sharing their fears, dreams, and desires and helping one another deal with the troubles of daily life.

Review: The Wednesday Sisters is firstly and mostly a book about friendship set against the historical landmarks of the 1960s. Frankie, an unassuming former Chicagoan, is the narrator of the story. Linda is the all-American athlete. Kath is the southern belle. Brett is the incredibly smart and enigmatic scientist. Ally is the shy bohemian. These five women from different walks of life and personality come together with their shared love of reading and writing. They women share their feelings about marriage and motherhood with one another. In essence they become a close knit, support network for one another. Issues such as infidelity, financial problems, and health scares are discussed.
   Overall, I enjoyed reading The Wednesday Sisters and getting to know the five women, however, I was left wanting more of reality. Clayton has a wonderful opportunity to incorporate important historical movements particularly that of the Civil Rights Movement and the beginning of the Feminism Movement to her story yet she only touches the bare surface with them in her story. The reader spends more time reading about the inane, banal daily lives of the women, which is a shame because the characters themselves want to go beyond what is expected of them in society. The story only shines when the characters come to this epiphany and make changes to their own lives instead of musing about doing so. Though the plot is predictable and the dialogue can be incredibly cheesy, The Wednesday Sisters is a book that you can read when you want to read something sweet but want to put your mind at ease. 

Rating: 3 stars

Words of Caution: Since it's an adult book, there are pretty frank discussions about sex as well as a few sex scenes in the book. There is also mild language.

If you like this book try: The Friday Knitting Club series by Kate Jacobs or The Jane Austen Book Club by Joy Fowler

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