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 I think it's very hard to write a humorous book. You have to make sure the plot is plausible, the jokes aren't too pushed and hurried, and that people will actually enjoy your sense of humor. Brent Crawford nailed all of these with his debut novel, Carter Finally Gets It, a novel that made me laugh so hard that my sides hurt and I had tears in my eyes. When I found out that he was writing a sequel featuring the clueless and incredibly funny and lovable Will Carter, I had to put it high in my to be read pile. Crawford doesn't disappoint in his sequel novel called Carter's Big Break.

Description: Meet Will Carter, a 14 yr old teen who is clueless about the opposite sex and has a talent of acting. He had a pretty good freshman year of high school: getting his first girlfriend and acclaiming for his leading role in Guys and Dolls. Now, it's time to kick back in the summer, but only there's trouble in paradise. Will said something stupid to his girlfriend, Abby, and they seem to be on the outs. However things are looking up when Will finds out there is going to be a film shooting at his hometown and is casted opposite a major star, Hilary Idaho. Slowly things start looking up, but do they? 

Review: It's refreshing to read a novel where you can relax and enjoy a book without having to think too much. Will is still clueless and incredibly funny. His voice is honest, eager, hormone driven, and enjoyable. You can't help but laugh at him and with him. His charm rubs off of you. I think to get he full appreciation of Will you need to read the first book. Though the second book does a quick recap, I think readers who have not read the first book will be lost amongst the many characters of Will's posse.
  What I loved about this book is Crawford's jibes at the tween entertainment stars. Hiliary Idaho comes off as a Miley Cyrus character who works along with the Wienus/ Jonas Brothers. I thought what Crawford did was a bit tongue in cheek considering his publisher is Hyperion, a division of Disney. The humor, however, isn't ill intentioned but rather well intended and appealing. Like the first book Will does learn something, celebrity isn't all what's its cut out to be and that acting is actually really hard. Those who read and enjoyed Carter's Finally Gets It will not disappointed with this sequel. I can't wait to see what other mess Will gets himself into and out of. Perfect for boys and reluctant readers.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: I'd recommend this book to Grades 8 and up. There is mild language in the book and the humor can get a bit raunchy. There are also small party scenes of underage drinking and drug suggestions, but Will doesn't partake in any of it.

If you like this book try: Swim the Fly by Don Calame
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have an award for you at my blog :)

  2. Melissa Says:

    I agree: it was a fun, light, silly read. And I really like Will, too. Can't wait to see what mess he gets himself into next.

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