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   I want to thank all of my followers and all of you who have entered my second giveaway. I'm thrilled to know that there are many of you who also love YA as much as I do. I had a great time reading your reasons for loving YA literature and many of your reasons mirrored my own.
   There were a total of 35 people who entered the I Heart YA Giveaway. I had to eliminate a few entries because they did not follow my blog neither through Network Blogs nor Google, Twitter, or Yahoo. Each person received a set number of points based on the point criteria that I set for the giveaway. Followers could have points from 4 to 10. 10 was the maximum points you could have received. All entries were placed in a bag and was randomly drawn. 

Now, for the winners! Congratulations go out to:

1st place: Danya @ World of Tapestry

2nd place: Lora1967

3rd place: Orchid

4th place: Becca

5th place: Book~Adorer

6th place: BookQuoter

Winners, I will be sending you an email for your mailing address and book of preference. You must reply within 48 hours or else I will draw another winner to take your place. 
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  1. Orchid Says:

    So excited to be on eof the winners! Congrats to all the other winners. Thanks for the great contest. ^_^

  2. danya Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks again - this news made my day! :)

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