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  I had a blast reading the short stories from the secondary characters from the Emma series in volume 8 that I looked forward to reading volume 9. Volume 9 has an interesting mix of stories and contained some of my favorite characters. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to its final installment in volume 10.

Description: In this short story installment, Erich Meredith's attempt to find his lost pet squirrel. Mr and Mrs. Meredith reminisce on how they met. We are shown how William and Hakim became friends. 

Review: Like Volume 9, this latest installment has a wide variety of short stories. We begin with Erich finding a pet. This story is so cute and the drawings are exquisite. Not only do we witness Erich's fears in losing his pet, but we also spend the night in the squirrel's shoes (i.e. seeking shelter and staying away from predators). Erich's and his squirrel's emotions are captured perfectly by Mori.
  Next, we meet Mr. and Mrs. Meredith, who are my second favorite couple besides Emma and William. The Merediths complement each other so well in terms of personality that they are a pleasure to read about. We go back in time to witness how they met and fell in love. This story is both sensual and romantic in both drawing and the writing.
   The final story in this volume is the tale of how William and Hakim became friends. Although they are alike in terms of their wealth, they are still different in terms of social class, especially with Hakim being Indian. Mori emphasizes their similarities between these two characters despite their cultural differences. We can easily see why and how these two characters became friends. My only gripe with this story is that I would have liked to see a little political and racial tension between the adults particularly when the series is set during the British India era. Nonetheless, I did enjoy reading about all of these characters.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: There is female nudity throughout one of the stories. There is also some language in the book. This should be okay for teen readers and up.

If you like this book try: Emma Vol 10 by Karou Mori
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