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  Gail Giles is my "go to" author for reluctant readers. Her books tend to have interesting characters and a chilling, fast paced plot that captures their attention. I read her latest and I would argue her best book to date, titled Dark Song.

Description: Amy Ford is use to living a luxurious life. She lives in a rich neighborhood, goes to private school, and is familiar with spending money without a second thought. All of that comes to a sudden end when her father loses a job after his company "downsizes" and now her family must struggle to stay above the poverty line. As her world comes crumbling down, she realizes that her parents have betrayed her in the worst possible way. She seeks refuge in a boy named Marc, who will stop at nothing to keep her safe. 

Review: If I had to describe Dark Song in one word, that word would be disturbing. Reading this book is like witnessing a car crash. You know things and people will shatter, but you can't help but be fascinated on how things collide and rip apart. The plot of Dark Song is unfortunately realistic given today's economy and how a family struggles to not fall apart.
   I pretty much did not like any of the characters in this book yet I was riveted and needed to see how the story ends. Amy is a spoiled brat, who I wanted to shake and yell: "Get over yourself and get a job like everyone else in the real world." As for her parents, her manipulative father is a character that you love to hate. While there were instances that I actually did feel sorry for him, but then like Amy, I also felt betrayed to discover his lies upon lies that he tells his family. Her mother is no better. She comes off as cold and controlling. The only person in the Ford family that I could stand was the innocent adn adorable Chrissy who is only six years old. it really is no wonder how Amy blindly falls and is trained to seek comfort and "love" for Marc. Speaking of Marc, *shudders*, he reminded me of Mark Wahlberg's character in the movie Fear. The moment he appears in the story, I could imagine a red neon sign above his head that says "Danger! Stay away from this guy at all costs", which of course our main character doesn't.
  Dark Song is a very rare book where I actually like the book as a whole without liking the characters. There is so much to discuss in this short book (it's approximately a few pages short from 300), everything from Amy's family dynamics and financial status to her troubling, abusive relationship with Marc. Readers will be thinking about Dark Song long after they finish its last page.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: There is some language in the book as well as one scene where Ames smokes pot with her best friend. There is also several sexual situations that aren't descriptive and mentioned in passing. Recommended to high school only.

If you like this book try: What Happened to Cassie McBride? by Gail Giles

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