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Free-lance author, Scott Nicholson contacted me and asked if I would review some of his books on my blog. I told him that I would love to spread the word about his books. I'm just sorry that it me long to do so! Scott's novels have been #1 on the Amazon Kindle list for ghost and horror stories. The second book by Scott that I will be reviewing is called The Skull Ring.

Description (from Scott's website): Julia Stone will remember, even if it kills her. Dr. Pamela Forrest is determined to bring Julia's memories to the surface, hoping to heal Julia's panic disorder. The therapist keeps returning Julia to a night twenty-three years ago when Julia was four. A night of hooded figures, strange chants, pain, and blood. The night her father disappeared from the face of the earth.
  Julia rebuilds the past a piece at a time during the mind-wrenching therapy sessions. But the line between the past and the present begins to blur. Julia finds a silver skull ring that bears the name "Judas Stone." The same ring had been worn by one of the hooded figures who scarred her both mentally and physically on that long-ago night.
  Someone is leaving strange messages inside her house, even though the door is locked. The religious handyman, who has a key, spends a lot of time in the woods behind her house. Her boyfriend Mitchell becomes distant and violent. And the cop who investigated her father's disappearance has followed her to the small Appalachian town of Elkwood.
  Now she has a head full of memories, but she doesn't know which are real and which are the creations of Dr. Forrest. The shadows of Julia's panic are growing larger and darker. But succumbing to madness seems safer than heeding the whispers of the master who claims ownership of her body and soul.

Review: The Skull Ring is an enjoyable, psychological mystery/thriller with a dash of the supernatural thrown in for good measure. Julia Stone is our narrator and main character. She is currently suffering from panic disorders from a nightmare that she has lived through as a child. Her nightmare is the heart of this mystery and is slowly unveiled as you complete the book. Nicholson does a great job in keeping the reader in suspense. Julia's paranoia and distrust is very tangible. Like her, I found it hard to trust anyone particularly those like her therapist who seems all too driven to help Julia "heal".
  Unlike Speed Dating with the Dead, this book was easy to follow mainly due to the concentration of one central character and a few side characters throughout the book. Julia is also an easy character to care for and like her, I was eager to find out the truth surrounding her childhood nightmare. The pace was fast paced and I didn't feel my attention drifting away.
  I did have a few things that bothered me about this book. I thought the mystery was unveiled too quickly. At times I couldn't tell if the antagonists were true Satanists or whether they were brainwashed by someone or what was their true motive in tracking down Julia. The ending seemed a bit rushed and kinda awkward. Nonetheless, I would recommend this book for those who like supernatural thrillers.

Rating: 3.5 stars

Words of Caution: The book centers around Satanism. There is some language in the book and a scene of sexual assault. Recommended to high school teen readers and adults only.

If you like this book try: The Manor by Scott Nicholson
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  1. Jenny Says:

    Hmmm, I'm sort of a big wuss so the whole Satanism thing scares me a bit. It does sound like it's a quick, suspenseful read though:) Really nice review Rummanah!

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