Rummanah Aasi
  With the decline of the economy, we all have changed our lifestyles to some extent. We seem to think twice of how and where we are spending our money. Jobs are tight and we seem to be pushed to our limits. Unfortunately for some people, desperate times call for desperate measures. Barbara O'Conner's children novel, How to Steal a Dog, is an example of how children are affected by hard times.

Description: Georgina had a dad, a home, and a best friend. Now she, her brother, and mother are living in the family car in their small North Carolina town after their father disappears and leaves them virtually penniless. With her mother working two jobs and trying to make ends meet, Georgina is desperate to improve their situation and unwilling to remain passive or patient as her mother advises her to be. When she spots a reward of $500 for a lost pet, Georgina finds a way to help her family. She persuades her younger brother to help her in an elaborate scheme to get money by stealing a dog and then claiming the reward that the owners are bound to offer.

Review: How to Steal a Dog is a charming story that breaks your heart and at the same time brings a smile to your face. Georgina is a great heroine who is determined and proud. She refuses to sit and wait for her mother to fix her family's current crisis. Without crowding her story by being sentimental and whiny, the prose doesn't sugar coat the severity of Georgina's situation. The story also has a balance of humor and seriousness too, which makes it a quick read.
 What I didn't understand is why Georgina's mother doesn't seek help from her relatives or friends. The appearance of a stranger named Mookie seems to not really have any significance to the story and seems to be filler. What I did love about this story is that Georgina herself finds out what is right and wrong. I think this book would be a great bookclub discussion for elementary schoolers.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: None.

If you like this book try: It Only Looks Easy by Pamela Curtis Swallow, Dog Gone by Cynthia Chapman Willis
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  1. I loved this book so much!


  2. Jenny Says:

    This one sounds emotional and intense, but I love a heroine who doesn't whine about her circumstance. It's nice to know there's a little humor to keep it from being to serious as well. Great review:)

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